Less than one month later enduring popular reaction On the confusion about How to train its AI toolsZoom says it’s ready to move forward with ChatGPTChatbot styled for video conferencing and accompaniment chats. Zoom believes an augmented AI Companion tool can boost the productivity of its users but also risks reigniting concerns about the kind of data the AI ​​is being trained on.

Zoom AI Companion, according to The company’s blog post, is actually a rebranding and expansion Zoom IQwhich previously allowed users to summarize conversation threads and I was born Automated responses to written chat questions. Next year, Zoom says users will be able to chat with the AI ​​Companion and ask it for help with a variety of office tasks, from quickly preparing for a meeting and receiving consolidated summaries of previous sessions, to searching for specific documents. Zoom says users will have the ability to interact with the AI ​​Companion in the middle of a meeting to submit support tickets or look up answers to questions asked in real time. In essence, Zoom wants its companion to serve as a true private virtual assistant.

TThese conversation features won’t Shipping through spring 2024, according to a company blog post.

“With the AI ​​Companion software that empowers you in Zoom, you can save time, improve the quality of your work, stay more connected with your teammates no matter where or when they work, and get insightful training that helps you level up skills like giving a great presentation.” said Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom.

Zoom AI Companion, your new AI-powered digital assistant

Zoom says its approach to AI is based on its large language model as well meta flame 2, OpenAIAnd anthropic. Zoom says this “unified approach to AI” should allow AI Companion to quickly integrate new developments from multiple different models. Zoom did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment for more details.

Conversational chatbots are just one of the many AI features Zoom is rolling out to try and boost user productivity on the platform in the coming months. The company says the AI ​​Companion program, which is already available to paid Zoom subscribers, will allow users to follow highlights of the meeting and ask specific questions about what was discussed in the meeting. Once the meeting is over, Zoom claims the Companion will automatically transcribe the session and divide it into “smart chapters,” highlighting important information. The companion will also create meeting summaries that highlight important topics and potential next steps.

By the end of September, Zoom says it plans to release a feature where an AI Companion can help generate email responses with the AI ​​judging the appropriate tone and length. Around the same time, Zoom says the Companion will be able to take a variety of missed chats and summarize them “so you can more easily see the big picture.” Later this fall, Zoom claims its AI Companion will be able to automatically detect meeting intent from chat messages. Looking to the future, Zoom believes its users will be able to interact with an AI Companion to ask for feedback on how to improve their presentation skills and track how long they’ve been talking versus listening during a meeting.

Zoom is trying to get back in the saddle of AI this week after wading into a major controversy over unclear language regarding the types of data it uses to train AI models. Last month the company was He was forced to retreat and a blog post update stating that it will no longer use client content, such as voice or video calls, chat, attachments, or screen sharing, to train its AI Although earlier it seemed to indicate that. Zoom’s latest blog post similarly claims it does not use any audio, video, chat, screen sharing, or other “communications such as client content” to train Zoom’s AI or any other third-party model. Of course, one might then wonder what exactly the data is He is actually used to train the system. Zoom did not respond to our request for comment and a request for clarification here.

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