Xbox megahit ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ is definitely coming to PS5 and Switch

Xbox megahit ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ is definitely coming to PS5 and Switch

There have been rumors that this might happen, but Microsoft never announced that Hi-Fi Rush would expand beyond Xbox and Game Pass and head to competing systems like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Well, now, new confirmed data says that this is definitely happening. There are three different upcoming shirts whose texture files have been found. One of them is blue and says “I’m here baby!” Another is red and says “Go anywhere!” There’s also a green color for the OG Xbox. I’m not entirely sure what the blue PS reference is, or if it’s one, but the phrase “out anywhere” is clearly related to the Switch’s portability.

Again, not advertised, but these files are real and I mean come on. No more pretending this isn’t happening.

As such, we expect the big debate to begin over whether or not Xbox should bring its exclusives to other platforms. Hi-Fi Rush was the most won/nominated Xbox game of 2023, a hugely successful Shadow Drop game which seems to indicate that Microsoft has had some surprising successes with it. But the question now is whether the company is “diminishing the value” of the game by porting it to other platforms. It’s in keeping with Microsoft’s idea of ​​”play Xbox games anywhere,” but it’s hard to see the opposite ever happening. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Mario Kart 8 may be “old enough,” but PlayStation or Nintendo would never give them away to their competitors regardless.

The rumor attached to this makes some sense, which is that Microsoft may be planning to bring Sea of ​​​​Thieves to PlayStation and/or Nintendo as well. Although it’s another exclusive game, at least it’s based on online multiplayer, so expanding the player base would be nice. And that game He is Very old, so I don’t see this as a philosophical issue. After all, Sony-owned Bungie has Destiny 2 on all platforms (well, not Switch), and will release new MP game Marathon on multiple platforms as well.

The question is where you draw the line. One thought experiment, if not a potential rumor, has been that something like Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer could expand to PlayStation. Again, you could use the “game is old, multiplayer” idea in Sea of ​​​​Thieves to justify this, but do you? truly Want to put Master Chief on PlayStation? truly? I think that’s up to Microsoft to decide.

One thing that definitely seems to be happening now is the Hi-Fi Rush expansion. I expect it will be announced soon, and no doubt the discussion that took place a few weeks ago will begin to spread again.

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