Wind and cold affect fishing

Wind and cold affect fishing

Cold temperatures, gusty winds and snow kept the fleet of blackfish at the dock most of the week. Meanwhile, early indicators are not good for the 2023 striped bass spawn.

The ocean had stabilized by Thursday and a pair of boats breached the inlets looking for blackfish. The Jamaica 2 sailed Monday in search of blackfish just before the weather arrived. It’s been slow going, according to Captain Ryan Bogan. He said that life was short in most places, but his knight was only able to transport a few guards.

The only good thing that can come from these cold temperatures is ice fishing, but next week inshore temperatures could climb back into the 50s, plus rain. The forecast for Lake Hopatcong also calls for rain and temperatures in the 40s, which could lead to ice melt that has begun to form in the state’s largest freshwater lake.

Chill Baybay with a pair of blackfish she caught on board Jamaica 2 on January 15.

Striped bass spawn

This year does not appear to have been a great showing for striped bass in many major estuaries. In October, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources said it found recruitment to be well below average in its survey of juveniles, which documents the year-round success of striped juveniles in the Chesapeake Bay.

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