Why was the gremlin maneuver in Destiny 2?

Why was the gremlin maneuver in Destiny 2?

Last week, I shared a fun image I got of Breakneck, the reenacted Destiny 2 auto rifle that was originally a specialty weapon in Gambit. In this screenshot I’ve revealed that the gun has…five additional options, which means I’ve reset my Gambit rank three times already in the 2.5 weeks since the season of Wish started.

So uh am I crazy? Well, let me explain why I’ve become a major Gambit player, at least when it comes to the three ritual activities that Destiny offers, the other two being Strikes and Cucible (I’ve also been playing a lot of this season’s activity, The Coil). But why maneuver?

  • First and foremost, first and foremost. It’s short and fast. Gambit games are rarely longer than 5-6 minutes. There is almost no way to manufacture it long Even more so, given that one side, at least, will spawn the primitive in short order, and while it’s there He is The damage to the boss does not last long. The only way to expand Gambit by any amount is to have two invaders who keep killing a lot of people on each side. These are usually…one-sided, so these games are short. Strikes, with long, winding paths and lots of time and damage portals, and Crucible matches, which lack mercy, are much longer by comparison.
  • So, since Gambit is so short, you can get a lot done relatively quickly. Gambit XP bonuses are easy. Gambit completions for transportation rewards are easy. Gathering materials for the Dawning event is easy (and it’s a week of double XP for Gambit, which helped reset me). You can get more loot this way from short matches and quick rankings. In this case, I really wanted a good Breakneck, hence the desire to have all those extra options.
  • I also find the playing experience of Gambit to be more varied than Strikes, which has the same enemies spawning in the exact same locations with the same bosses every time. It’s even worse when there’s only one Nightfall running in a given week. Gambit travels across all races and the mode is dynamic in terms of how you get rid of them and what happens with invasions. The crucible is more Dynamic of course, as no two games are the same, but I’m not very good at Crucible, so I only deal with minimal PvP in Gambit (although I will use Crucible when I need to, as I did to get everything) Banner Ornaments Iron last week.
  • Think the maneuver is creative? It feels different than any other mode in any other game. And while there were times that was the case Awful Given our imbalance in the past, I think we’ve settled over the years into a place that’s actually a good advantage. The invasions are not overly oppressive, and the primal burn is neither immediate nor irresistible. There is no Queenbreaker or Sleeper Simulant that you can use as an easy mode like Conqueror (probably the same as Leviathan). It’s in a good place. I also really enjoy getting creative with various designs to get the most out of Gambit. This season, Winterbite has been used a lot to easily clear sides, kill invaders or enemies with her homing missile, and hit bosses with Synthoceps or other exotic items. Every season I create new designs and most of them are very fun.

The biggest problem with Gambit is how little Bungie supports it. It has been neglected For yearsThe best we can hope for is something as fun to farm as Breakneck, but that’s about it. The situation has Lost Maps over the years rather than adding any more, has been pushed to the side despite it being a really good and effective mode at this point.

So, I’ll probably be done with Gambit soon for this season, after this holiday event, after my transfer rewards expire, and after my Battle Pass expires. You’ve got the awesome Breakneck, after all. But yeah, that’s why I love Gambit now. Maybe you should go back and try again.

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