Why doesn’t Destiny 2’s Season of Wishes seem to start tomorrow

Why doesn’t Destiny 2’s Season of Wishes seem to start tomorrow

We’re about to switch from Season of the Sorceress in Destiny 2 to Season of Wishes, with some letter rearrangements that I’ll definitely be doing no Screw I will write about it in the indefinite future.

and this is He is Undetermined future Although many sources say the final form has been delayed internally, Bungie has not announced anything. I always thought they would wait until Season of the Wish was released, so as not to dilute the hype for it. But the question now is kind of…what’s that noise?

I honestly can’t believe the season of desires starts tomorrow. The player base is quiet about it. Bungie is quiet about it. This is it the The final season before Final Form, the final “real” season in Destiny 2 as we move toward the “episodic” model. And what we get is a collection of TWABs of balance changes and smaller teaser trailers. It may be joined by a longer one today or tomorrow, an hour before launch. But what happens here?

I think it’s a combination of things. First, it’s already been a tough year for Destiny 2 with engagement declining, even during a season as good as Season of the Witch, which hit all-time lows in player counts on Steam. Secondly, this has been amplified by the layoffs at Bungie, with many players feeling extremely frustrated by Bungie’s actions and the idea that the game has lost something besides just people in the wake of this brutal decision.

Then we have the marketing thing, the counter-hype that Bungie seems to be excellent at generating in its seasons lately. I’ve previously been told by an ex-Bungie person that the reason there’s so little marketing for Destiny 2’s seasons is that unlike full expansions, which get giant drops six months in advance, you can’t pre-order seasons. So the idea is…why would you announce seasons so early that players can’t buy them the moment those previews first appear?

This makes sense on paper, but in reality it seems largely untrue. There are of course many, many live service games that spend a lot of time promoting, teasing, or showing off their upcoming seasons, even if they can’t also be pre-ordered. Much more than Destiny does, certainly, with its basic art and 10-second cutscenes. Combined with all of these other things, I think that contributes to what’s going on now, which is kind of just stumbling into new seasons unless you’re super vigilant about keeping up with the TWABs.

As I said before, I think we’re about to head into a very dark time in Destiny 2 for this upcoming season. We started, as I said, with very low motivation and anticipation, in light of recent events. And we’re heading into what will likely be an extended and exhausting season with no 30th anniversary event in the middle for a big boost. This is a problem, and I’m concerned about the state of the game before the final form arrives given how much of a decline it’s likely to be. But we’ll delve into that later.

So until then, see you tomorrow, maybe.

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