White perch, graded, are tops in South Jersey fishing

White perch, graded, are tops in South Jersey fishing

Michael Shepherd for the press

We’re gearing up for a new year of fishing in South Jersey.

Some changes are imminent, but at first, 2024 doesn’t look much different from the final days of 2023.

Reports from Monday morning continued to describe striped bass in the ocean near shore and bluegid on shipwrecks and offshore reefs.

White perch are “the ticket” at the moment, according to Dave Showellowner of Absecon Bay Sports Center in Absecon.

Mike O’Neill He said Monday afternoon when he guided the open/rental Stray Cat boat to its dock at Seaview Harbor Marina in Great Egg Harbor Inlet that they “let them chew!”

He was talking about tautog abroad and said they have limits everywhere but they also have shorts in between a lot of bites.

People read too…

He said the ocean was beautiful and the temperature was 48 degrees. He plans to run for another two weeks, as long as the water temperature is where it is.

New in 2024

The New Year contains some traditions that are expanded to usher in new eras.

Ray Scott Bonar It is developing a family tradition of over 60 years at Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate.

Known as Scott, he is a partner with the long-time charter and captain of the dock Ed Giacomucci To launch a new pontoon boat in the back bay. The 40-foot craft has been named Captain Robin in memory of Scott’s mother, and is scheduled to be commissioned in time for the summer flounder season.

It is expected to be a great addition to local attractions because Scott said the boat will be available for all types of charters and celebrations as well as twice-daily fishing trips. Scott reported Monday that the boat can carry up to 30 passengers.

Another fan favorite is Noel Feliciano At One-Stop Bait and Tackle in Atlantic City. Noel was in the process of expanding his popular store on Atlantic Avenue. He said it will finally pay off on March 1 when his store officially doubles in size and capacity.

Noel plans to hold a festival to celebrate that day. Stay tuned for more details on both noteworthy endeavors.

Okay, let’s get back to some fishing updates.

White perch are biting on bloodworms, Showell said. He said he sold five dozen bloodworms to fishermen who used them to catch white perch. He also said he had reports from boat crews who described striped bass as moving north from off Sea Isle City to off Brigantine.

We are allowed to catch and hold one striped bass 28 to 31 inches in size in state waters from 0 to 3 miles. Otherwise, the state’s offshore waters will be closed to striped bass fishing until March 1.

In addition, Showell said he has seen photos posted online of cod catches.

Feliciano also provided reports on white perch fishing in the Great Egg Harbor River area.

The Sea Isle City Starfish party boat had another good outing recently that resulted in a regular photo shoot Jerry Rao Flash a big smile and three quality tautog. They recently recorded 16 lbs.

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Michael Shepherd is the retired sports editor of The Press. His column usually appears online on Mondays and on Tuesdays in print.

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