Where will the Dallas Mavericks move? – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Where will the Dallas Mavericks move?  – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

There was speculation on Wednesday about where the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks might move after owner Mark Cuban confirmed on Tuesday that he is selling a majority stake in the team.

The Cubans and the new owners have said they do not plan to move the team from Dallas.

But Cuban told NBC5’s Newy Scruggs that the sale helps pursue his plan to move the team from the American Airlines Center to a new arena.

Cuban has promoted the idea of ​​a new stadium connected to a casino for years.

The Mavs’ buyer is Miriam Adelson and her Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which has lobbied the state of Texas, so far unsuccessfully, to approve casino gambling.

If there is to be a new arena, Dallas City Councilman Zarin Gracey said the site should be adjacent to the planned new Dallas Convention Center.

“The convention center development itself is one thing. To add potential relocation to the downtown Mavericks in that area as well as a casino, this could definitely be a destination for a lot of people coming in from the country and having a good time in one area,” Grassi said.

Zarin Gracey is the chair of the City Council’s Professional Athlete Retention and Recruitment Committee, which was created by Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.

“I think together we can collectively come up with a smart way to get a deal like this done in a way that benefits the entire city of Dallas,” Gracey said.

Voters approved a new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center near I-30 in November 2022 and a financing method to pay for it from hotel and visitor taxes.

In September of this year, the Dallas City Council approved a deal with renowned developer Jack Matthews to complete the design and construction of the new convention center.

Preliminary renderings show a structure that has been repurposed to make plenty of land available for new development where the old convention center building once stood.

“Adding what could be a casino and a basketball arena is just a great opportunity,” Gracey said. “It will change the landscape of downtown Dallas.”

Dallas officials also said they want to see new downtown housing in the Convention Center area. New rooftop gardens over I-30 connected to the Cedars neighborhood are also part of the convention center plan.

What might be good for that part of Dallas may not be so good for the neighborhood surrounding the American Airlines Center if Mavericks games are no longer played there.

When there’s no action at AAC, business is very slow at Mesero Restaurant down the street.

“Right now, it’s like lunchtime and it’s very slow. When we play a game, it’s very crowded, like a lot of people,” said Monica Sanchez, Mesereau’s host.

Other properties could be in play for the Mavericks.

Cuban also owns the Mavs’ practice facility across Stemmons Highway from the AAC, but that site would likely be too small for a new arena and casino.

The former Reunion Arena site has been mentioned in the past as a potential casino site if Texas lawmakers approve casinos. It is located near the convention center and has direct access to rail transport.

“It’s going to be interesting full circle, if you will, to see the Mavs back out there,” Gracey said.

If the Mavs leave, the Dallas Stars’ hockey and concerts could still be in the AAC.

“Yes, but that will not be enough,” Sanchez said. “We have a lot of employees and it will have a very bad impact on our families.”

Cuban is set to receive $3.5 billion from the sale of the team he bought for $285 million in 2000.

The Maverick’s lease at the American Airlines Center expires in 2031.

Dallas Stars executives have said in the past that they intend to remain in the AAC.

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