When to Use Offset and EWG vs. Straight Hooks

John Cruz, a professional bass fisherman, shares extensive knowledge of when and where to use offset and EWG (extra wide gap) versus straight shank fishing hooks. He’s invested years of experience and thousands of bass to create solid preferences, going over the design details that best play Texas plastics in different situations. *Featured products listed below.

Hook Dynamics – Closure Vs. far

The primary hook consideration for the crew is the distance between the angler and the fish during the hook set. Seth Feider keeps it the same with his Texas bass setup. The video highlights the difference between the two basic hook patterns – offset and EWG and straight shank. Explains the mechanics of why a straight leg is superior in close-range combat hunting. A few good fish being caught support his case. Conversely, offset and EWG patterns give better long-term results due to the wire’s unique curvature.

Flipping and pitching baits and types of hooks

Crews provides a comprehensive look at different baits with a particular focus on creature baits in Texas rig applications. He prefers straight shank styles in this application, where thick plastic bodies are the norm. The larger gap has more room to slide the larger plastic onto the hook shank, with ample remaining room to find purchase on the hook set. The straight leg hook also creates a more streamlined width to make it easier to get in and out of heavy cover when positioned close to the boat.

Line diameter and hook selection

The efficiency of a hook is not just about its shape. The crew discusses the role of hook gauge (wire thickness) and interaction with your chosen line. Generally speaking, heavier gauge hooks get the nod when fishing heavier 20-pound braid or fluorocarbon. Heavy, larger hooks excel when fishing heavy cover where you need to get rid of horse bass. On the contrary, he prefers lighter wire when cover permits, where the hook is easier to penetrate.

Close fast food

By highlighting tools like quiet trolling motors and shallow-water anchors, Crews offers valuable tips for effective, stealthy fishing. Drawing on Gamakatsu hooks throughout his career, he supports the effectiveness of offset and EWG for longer casts and straight worm hooks with heavy cover for flipping and casting. You’ll improve your hooking and landing ratios by understanding and applying crew principles to fishing hooks.

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