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starfield It launches on September 6th, but if you shell out a few extra credits for the premium version, you might already be well on your way to charting your way among the stars. Either way, if you haven’t finished the main quest and heard about the game’s New Game Plus mode (a first for Bethesda), I’m here to answer the question: Should you rush through the main mission?

Feel free to continue reading without worrying about spoilers, as I’ve omitted as many as I can.

Like the Bethesda games that came before, starfield It features a core set of main missions plus an impressive number of side missions, along with base building, ship building, and the fun of landing on a planet to see what happens.

and quot; Fallout 4 And Skyrimpeople may choose to have it starfieldThe main task out of the way, then continue to do everything else. Others, however, may prefer to absorb all the side quests and activities they can do, before completing the main quest as a way to kick off the journey. It’s just that this time there is a twist. starfield It has a New Game Plus mode, and its presence could redefine the way you want to play the game.

Before we weigh the narrative effect of saving or not saving key missions, let’s discuss what exactly goes into New Game Plus’ playthrough.

starfield: What carries over to New Game Plus?

“One Giant Leap” is the title of the final mission of starfieldThe main plot of, and when you’re done, you’ll end up with the choice of whether to start New Game Plus, or delay it by turning around and doing other activities until you’re ready to finish the game. Once you proceed to NG+, here’s what will carry over:

  • The visual appearance of your character and the traits set at the start of the game
  • All progress in privilege trees
  • your level (starfield It has no level cap. You can max out everything)
  • Any abilities gained while playing

And that’s it! You will not be able to transfer your credits, equipment, items or ships. Likewise, outposts, character relationships, and quest progress will not carry over either. New Game Plus strips you of the basics of your character as they were at the end of the main mission, and makes you play the game again.

This is very important to keep in mind for those who want to build huge collections of gear, build epic spaceships, or establish outposts all over the galaxy. New Game Plus hits a big reset button for this stuff. So, if you plan to spend countless hours assembling and building, keep this in mind before you see the core of the game through to the end.

starfield: why you should not rush the main task

And without getting into spoilers starfieldBethesda’s main quest is one of Bethesda’s best in many years. By the end of it, you’re sure to want to play it again, and maybe again. Then again

The hard reset for all other tasks might seem a bit daunting. Do you really want to help scientists survey trees? once again? Do you really want to help out with the mining effort on Mars? once again? Do you really want to handle that ship that goes around Purima 2? once again? It might be best to complete the side quests early, then not worry about doing them again.

Sure, the main story is a bit different the second time around, but the side missions are basically the same. So it might be best to fill up on everything the universe has to offer first before chasing the main quest a second time, as repeated runs are more likely to focus on that primary quest line.

Stars and light fill the void of space.

screenshot: Bethesda/Kotaku

starfieldThe main story is full of intrigue and wonder, and this is only amplified by spending more time in the galaxy doing other activities. The larger this galaxy feels by fully exploring it, the more narratively impactful the ending will be.

If you save it for last, Constellation’s main story will serve as a mind-boggling climax to your character’s epic stellar saga.

Note: If you choose to save the main quest for later, and don’t want to burn events, you may have to get smart about which sections of the Internet you avoid in your downtime, as well. starfieldNew Game Plus is sure to generate controversy as more people start to explore it.

starfield: Why should you rush to the main task

The story of the central constellation is great, with the potential for some meaningful emotional impact. And there are some great missions inside, which include some surprising discoveries about humanity’s past, and a specific task to be done insulted 2 The fans are happy.

There’s a good role-playing reason for wanting to see this quest through to the end as quickly as possible: you can see it in the way your character begins their epic journey across the universe. And since you’ll get a second chance on everything (the main quest the second time around has some… twists, I won’t say more at the moment), including all the other side quests in the galaxy, it’s not a bad idea to do just that. Shake it and then enjoy the additional scenes and stories the second time around.

If you finish it as soon as possible, the Constellation main story will be a dramatic opening for more stories to follow as you continue to explore the galaxy.

There is a unique and very clever secret hidden at the bottom of the starfieldThe main mission, and it’s up to you to decide whether the ending of the main story is where your character begins their journey, or if it’s the exciting climax of the countless hours spent roaming the galaxy. Hopefully, with this information, you’ll feel more prepared to decide how to play.

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