What Notre Dame OC Gerad Parker said before the NC State game

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Just Parker Go straight to the chase when talking about the NC State defense; He said the Wolfpack were “doing a great job” immediately after being asked why it was so difficult to play against this team.

“The stats speak for themselves,” Parker said. “It’s hard because it’s multiple, but they also do what they do, what great defense does, they run to the football and they read and they interact and they fit in. You turn on the movie and watch them from early this year and last year and all their tape by (defensive coordinator) Tony Gibson‘s) years, they are suitable and fit quickly. Is there a better courtesy to defend than that?

North Carolina has it No. 11 total rushing defense in the FBS in 2022. In Week 1 versus UConn, the Wolfpack allowed 160 rushing yards, well above their average of just over 100 yards last fall, but they only gave up 113 yards. A balanced defense is what Notre Dame faces Saturday in Raleigh.

Here are some updates from Parker on the Notre Dame offense that he’s making on the road trip, as well as helpful info on a specific Notre Dame defensive player.

In winning Pat Coogan the left guard position at Notre Dame

“Of course, always and always, it depends on the performance in everything we do. Coogs has done a fantastic job to get there. He’s a very physical player. Very conscientious in the way he approaches the game. He’s articulate-oriented. All the things you want to say.” and adjectives you might use to describe a man.

“And then because of his inexperience, he made up for it with effort and knowing what to do and knowing exactly where Coach (Joe) Rudolph wanted him to be. And that’s what Coggs did. Everything I’ve just said has developed confidence with his teammates, his line and certainly us as coaches. He put He’s in a position to play well so far.”

On Cogan and right guard Rocco Spindler coming out to move for the block

“It’s something we want to do. It makes it difficult for us to attack during runs, pass protection and all that stuff. We’re always looking for ways we can do that, and I think it’s important for us to stay ahead.

About Notre Dame’s depth in offense

“Our people, we believe in our guys that we’ve brought here as a staffing staff at all levels right down to our staff and our coaches. If we don’t allow these people to grow and enable them to improve and try to assess how deep we are, we won’t know. So the only thing we can do is keep giving our guys The chances they get because it depends on the performance but also allowing them to go out there and have some success.And then, if there are some small failures, we let them fail and keep moving forward.That’s what those two games have allowed us to do so far.

On offense Notre Dame was 9-for-9 on touchdowns in the first half

“It may be thanks to a good summer that our guys put together holding and basic attacking and then developed it into the variations we need. And then we have good players. The midfielder plays at a high level. All these things contribute to the early success. Hopefully we can continue with that now.” .”

On the defensive end of Notre Dame, Joshua Burnham was a problem

It was notable for him in the middle of fall camp. I was like “Burnham Shows”. So these things and how he’s starting to show up in the games isn’t a surprise to us. It’s starting to get noticeable about him making the transition and how hard he can play.

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