Warns Starfield players about the “big” bugs and how to avoid/fix them

To Bethesda’s credit, we haven’t heard much about the bugs out there starfield Even now, though, you’re always going to run into some issues in a game of this magnitude, and there’s one in particular that seems to have led to some painful realizations.

On Reddit, we’ve seen several people describe a bug related to “The Den” station and switch your ship while you’re there. The post now warns others not to “board enemy ships to capture them and bring them back to port to sell”, because the result is that your ship can become invisible and some other features may disappear as well.

Here’s how the glitch appears for some players:

Here’s how to reproduce it: Board the enemy ship in space combat. Kill everyone on the plane. Sit in the pilot’s seat. Travel to The Den station in the Wolf system (because pirate ships tend to carry forbidden goods on them, so you don’t want to go to a big planet). After landing, talk to the technician, and switch back to your base ship. Pass through the airlock back to your ship.”

Here’s what happens: When you board your ship, you are actually transported back to New Atlantis, and actually landed on Earth. Your ship is now 95% invisible. The trading booth is missing. Various geometric models and shapes are missing.”

It was mentioned later in a Reddit post how you can somewhat workaround this by talking to the ship’s technician and adding a little something to make your ship reappear, but it won’t fix it Everything Like a lost trading kiosk.

Other commenters have also shared their experiences with this bug so far:

Obviously, the best case scenario here is to try to avoid this error altogether, which is why we’re bringing it to your attention. If you are Owns It’s worth trying the temporary fix though, to see if it works for you, otherwise it’s a matter of reloading the save or waiting for Bethesda to patch this up in the coming weeks.

If you find any other major Starfield bugs, let us know in the comments section below!

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