Unlocking a new arrival for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts

Unlocking a new arrival for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts

Broken Arrow, Okla.


February 2, 2024

/PRNewswire/ — GoBoat, an innovator in personal adventure craft, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, GoBoat Fish. This newest personal inflatable disc boat will revolutionize the way fishing and adventure enthusiasts experience their water adventures.

The Fish is built with the angler in mind.  With multiple attachment points for accessories, you can mount multiple rod holders, fish finders, cup holders and more.

GoBoat is pleased to introduce the Fish, a state-of-the-art personal watercraft designed to deliver unparalleled performance, versatility and excitement on the water. Whether you’re looking to get into a new fishing or hunting area, or are simply looking for a new level of water entertainment, Fishfish will help you get there.

Of the four GoBoat models available, the Fish is specifically optimized for outdoorsmen. Includes multiple holders for fishing accessories such as fishing rods, fish finders and more to allow anglers to reach shallower waters to more fruitful fishing holes. Duck hunters can gather their crop without the use of dogs, and big game hunters can access new areas to stage hunts and take their crop to the water!

No more waiting in lines at the boat launch. The GoBoat can be inflated from the trunk of a car or truck bed and launched from any beach, cove or park. GoBoat Fish is an affordable option, leaving room in the budget for additional entertainment equipment to take your sport to new heights.

The perfect companion for adventures on the water, the Fish features


  • Rich camo pattern plus multiple holders to accommodate your accessories

  • Our highly reviewed 5-speed motor maintains a cruising speed of 5 mph with the ability to go forward and reverse

  • Fast maneuverability and shallow depth, allowing you to reach new locations and find new game

  • GoBoat’s Armorlite material is virtually impenetrable and, when deflated, fits into a small bag, small enough to fit in the trunk or locker.

  • What comes with GoBoat; Wheeled travel bag, pump, one battery, charger, motor, repair kit, strut protector and manhole cover

He said: “We are excited to bring the fish to the market. It represents the culmination of our commitment to quality, innovation and providing an unbeatable experience for our community of outdoor enthusiasts and fishing enthusiasts.”

Kira Johnson

(CEO) at GoBoat.

Availability and pricing


GoBoat Fish is now in stock and ready to ship! Explore specs, reviews and videos of the new GoBoat in action


Or on our Facebook page (


). Products and specifications are also available on our website. Contact us with questions via our website or at 918-973-2628.

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