Unidentified flying object hotspots have been detected in the world

The US government is notoriously secretive when it comes to sharing what it knows about extraterrestrial life.

But in a possible bid for transparency, the Department of Defense has released a new document revealing “unidentified flying object hotspots in the world”.

It includes a map revealing where the most UFO sightings were recorded, based on reports between 1996 and 2023.

The map comes shortly after the Pentagon chief admitted hundreds of mysterious objects had been spotted “all over the world”.

“We’re seeing these ‘metallic orbs’ all over the world, and we’re seeing them making very interesting apparent maneuvers,” said Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s Anomaly Resolution Office in All Areas (AARO).

The map reveals where the most reported sightings occurred between 1996 and 2023 – with Japan and the coasts of the United States marked as particular hotspots.
The US government is notoriously secretive when it comes to sharing information about UFOs, but the Department of Defense’s Office of Anomaly Resolution Across the Field, set up last year, now has a website with updates.

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Senganmori is located southeast of Fukushima City, infamous for the nuclear disaster in 2011.

The map reveals Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, and the eastern and western coasts of the United States including California, as well as parts of the Middle East, are all hotspots for UFO sightings.

The revelation that Japan and an area of ​​the Middle East — including Iraq and Syria — are UFO hotspots may surprise enthusiasts who typically associate sightings with the United States.

In particular, the map delineates an area in the southwest of the country, covering the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima – both famous targets of US nuclear strikes in 1945.

Another hotspot in Japan is the small community of Inomachi in Fukushima Prefecture, which has been referred to as “UFO City”.

Iinomachi is decorated with extraterrestrial-themed decorations in an attempt to attract fans and promote itself as “home to aliens”.

It is also the base for a research institute called the International UFO Lab, which opened in 2021 and is headed by Takeharu Mikami, an alien enthusiast.

In June this year, the International UFO Laboratory released six images of “possible UFOs,” the Japan Times reported, taken in Kobe and Fukushima among other regions.

It was narrowed down from a total of 494 reports it received from people in Japan and abroad in one year, though most sounded like drones, birds or just reflections.

A flying object near Mount Senganmori in Japan has been brought to light by the International UFO Laboratory
An unidentified flying object is seen in the night sky over Japan
Five “glowing orbs” were spotted over a Japanese sports stadium in 2020

What is aru?

The map and other data have been released in a document from the Anomaly for All Domains Office (AARO).

AARO was formed in July 2022 within the Office of the US Secretary of Defense (part of the Department of Defense).

It is specifically tasked with investigating Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and other Unidentified Anomaly Phenomena (UAP).

The U.S. government’s map appears in a five-page document called “UAP Reporting Trends,” which has been posted on the new website of the All Area Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), a dedicated UFO division formed in July of last year.

The website will provide the public with information about AARO and its “efforts to understand and resolve unidentified anomalies.”

“This website will provide information, including photos and videos, about resolved UAP cases that have been declassified and approved for public release,” he says.

The disclosure of the site may reflect increasing efforts by the US government to be less secretive about UFO activity.

In a statement last week, Defense Department officials said the site would demonstrate the Pentagon’s “commitment to transparency with the American people.”

It doesn’t come long Following the prominent UFO whistleblower He testified bomb before Congress.

In July, former intelligence official David Grosch claimed that the Pentagon was covering up evidence involving aliens.

He testified under oath that the Pentagon had direct encounters with or knowledge of secret government programs involving “non-human” technology.

“My testimony is based on information provided to me by individuals who have a long record of legitimacy,” he said.

“They shared hard evidence in the form of photographs, official documents, and confidential oral testimonies of myself and many different colleagues.”

He also claimed that the US government had extraterrestrial craft that were “safe and partially intact”, although he provided no evidence to support this or any of his other assertions.

However, the head of the Pentagon’s UFO office, Sean Kirkpatrick, a laser scientist and materials physicist, condemned his remarks.

Kirkpatrick criticized Grosch’s claims about allegedly secret programs that retrieve crashed UFOs and reverse-engineer the technology as “insulting”.

A former intelligence official said the Department of Defense is covering up evidence related to aliens

The US government has had to take the presence of unidentified flying objects more seriously in recent months.

Former intelligence official David Grosch testified under oath in July that the Pentagon had direct encounters with or knowledge of classified government programs involving “non-human” technology.

“My testimony is based on information provided to me by individuals with a long record of legitimacy…and who have shared compelling evidence in the form of photographs, official documents and confidential oral testimonies of myself and many different colleagues.” Grosh said, adding that he was motivated to participate by “a commitment to truth and transparency.”

Its release comes nearly a month after David Grosch claimed that the Pentagon covered up alien-related evidence in stunning testimony before Congress.

“I am asking Congress to hold our government to this standard and to thoroughly investigate these allegations,” he told lawmakers at the time. But as I stand here under oath now, I speak of the facts as I am told.

He told the committee that he and more than 30 aircrews and veterans had experience with UAPs, which are unspecified anomalies, along with members of Congress who trusted him.

He also claimed that the government had extraterrestrial craft that were “safe and partially intact”, though he offered no evidence to support that or any of his other assertions.

Suggesting that the American people had been left in the dark for nearly a century, he claimed that the first recovery of a UFO was in Magenta, Italy, in 1933.

An artist’s impression of the alleged 1933 UFO crash outside Magenta in northern Italy showing a plate-shaped vehicle

He said Mussolini’s Italian government held it until 1944 until 1945 when Pope Pius XII reported it to America.

When asked if he firmly believes the government has UAPs, Grosh replied: “Absolutely.”

He said his view was based on interviews with at least 40 witnesses.

When asked about the whereabouts of the planes, he said, “I know the exact locations and those locations have been submitted to the Inspector General… I have already asked people with direct knowledge to provide a protected disclosure to the Inspector General.”

He also claimed that he faced brutal retaliation after he spoke his first-hand accounts of UFOs.

“I have knowledge of a planned revenge activity against me and my other colleagues,” Grosh said.

“There have been some of my colleagues who have had a brutal management attack. I am very disturbed as a leader to see this happen to my other co-workers and bosses in the last three years.

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