This is what Google Assistant will look like with Bard on Android

This is what Google Assistant will look like with Bard on Android

Assistant at Bard's presentation at the 2023 Made by Google event

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  • Google is working on Bard Assistant for Android phones, and screenshots of the functionality have now surfaced.
  • These screenshots show the app’s user interface, functions, and settings.
  • Users will be able to choose between the classic Google Assistant and Assistant with Bard and will also be able to toggle classic Assistant features within Assistant with Bard.

Google has been working hard on Google Bard, which is the primary answer to ChatGPT. On Android, Bard will integrate deeply with Google Assistant, though you’ll still be able to use classic Google Assistant if you wish. We’re waiting for Google to roll out Assistant with Bard to all of us, but in the meantime, we now have a good look at what Assistant with Bard will look like on Android.

Dylan Russell He shared several screenshots of Assistant with Bard, showcasing the user experience and several features under development.

Google Assistant with cool 1

The Assistant setup screen with Bard will let users know that Bard can also help with many classic Assistant tasks. The setup screen also shows how Assistant with Bard can connect to Google apps to make the Google ecosystem work better for them. Using Bard also enables you to let Bard use your data for improvement.

The final screen displays the widget UI when you call up Assistant with Bard, and you can get it in both light and dark themes.

Google Assistant with Cool 2

When you expand to the full user experience using the right arrow in the pop-up window, you can have a distraction-free experience. Assistant with Bard will give you suggestions on what you can use it for, but of course, you can use it for almost any task you can type, speak, or direct via an image.

Google Assistant with cool 3

If you invoke the Assistant with Bard on top of any active application, you will get the option to “Add this screenTapping on it will attach a screenshot of the current context screen, and you can then ask the AI ​​assistant to perform a task with that information.

Google Assistant with cool 4

The Assistant with Bard app will keep a history of your conversations with the AI ​​so you can access your conversations if you need to return to them later.

The screenshots also show Bard Extensions, which will help Bard Assistant pull data from external sources to perform tasks.

Google Assistant with Cool 5

The final set of screenshots provides an overview of the different settings. We can see switching between Assistant with Bard and Google Assistant, and the ability to control whether you want to use classic Assistant features when using Assistant with Bard. There are more settings for quick phrases, screen context, various Classic Assistant features, and more.

As mentioned earlier, we still have to wait a bit to try out the Assistant with Bard app on our Android phones. Note that the screenshots above show the unreleased version of Assistant with Bard. The final version may look different and can have different functions as well.

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