This 144-foot eco-friendly explorer yacht uses recycled fishing nets, egg shells and grass in its design

Winch Design’s latest creation proves that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

The international company, which works on air, land and sea projects, has revealed the interior design of a luxury yacht at the intersection of high-end design and sustainable living.

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The vessel itself is the third hull in the Flexplorer 146 series from Cantiere delle Marche. The 144-foot Explorer is designed for an eco-friendly owner “with a deep commitment to nature.” He and his young family plan to spend a great deal of time on the yacht, so he needs to support their ecological lifestyle.

The furniture is made of palm leather, recycled wood chips, and the like.

In honor of Mother Earth, the interior will feature natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials. (Each one has been analyzed to ensure minimal environmental impact.) Earthy colors and organic textures will be used throughout to create a raw yet upscale feel. Mafi’s natural wood flooring will be laid underfoot, increasing the clean and chemical-free environment.

However, the funky green materials are arguably the best part. Living spaces feature recycled fishnet rugs and eggshell walls. (About 275,000 tons of eggshells are collected annually worldwide as a byproduct of the food industry but can be cleverly repurposed for interior design through the baking and coloring process.) Additionally, woven grass extends across the roof domes while composite reclaimed seashells adorn each Bathrooms.

Winch Design and the 44-meter Cantiere delle Marche exploration yacht

The bathrooms are decorated with a composite of reclaimed seashells.

Another highlight is the green living wall. A green installation made of preserved moss serves as a focal point on the staircase. The furniture is also a work of art, showcasing a mix of palm leather and recycled wood chips.

As you might expect, the yacht’s architecture also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Notably, the ship meets the stringent International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier 3 emissions standards, which means it can sail in protected waters. Winch says the interior fit-out contractor was also chosen based on its carbon-neutral business model.

Winch Design and the 44-meter Cantiere delle Marche exploration yacht

The rear decks provide plenty of storage.

“Our studio has an important agenda to change our customers’ perception of conscious luxury, and we have an exciting opportunity with this project to take an important step forward,” Jim Dixon, Winch’s creative director, said in a statement.

The Explorer is scheduled to be launched in 2025. Stay tuned.

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