The statewide bass tournament is coming to the St. Marys River

Sault Ste. MARIE — The state fishing tournament will end with one final competition on the beaches of Sault Ste. Marie.

Beginning Friday, September 22, the Sault will host the final fishing challenge of the 2023 D and R Championship Series.

Run by the D and R Sports Center, the Bass Fishing Tournament draws anglers across the state to lakes, rivers and fishing holes everywhere. The tournament took several months of qualifying challenges and will conclude with the final event next week.

Three years ago, when looking for new fishing locations, Tournament began looking at the Sault Ste. Marie due to its popularity in other fishing tournaments and easy access to the water. While most fishing events on the St. Marys River focus on walleye or whitefish, bass numbers remain strong, and they are relatively underfished compared to other more popular fishing species.

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