The star blows away the atmosphere of a giant exoplanet, leaving behind a massive tail

A planet located 950 light-years from Earth is explosively losing its atmosphere and forming a tail about 18 times the size of Jupiter in the process. This makes the gas tail one of the largest planetary structures seen outside the solar system.

The exoplanet, or exoplanet, known as HAT-P-32 b, is about 68% the mass of Jupiter, but is twice the width of the largest planet in the solar system. HAT-P-32 is only 3.2 million miles from its parent star, or about 3% of the Earth-Sun distance, and completes an orbit every 2.2 days. This proximity means that the gas giant is being roasted by radiation from its parent star, classifying HAT-P-32 b as a “hot Jupiter”.

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