The River Forest eighth grader received an honorable mention for the movie Fish

Local River Forest eighth grader Andrew Older took his passion for fishing and turned it into the subject of his video submission for the One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest – where he received an Honorable Mention Award.

The 13-year-old Roosevelt Middle School student created a three-minute film called “Invasive Fish in the Des Plaines River” to explain how invasive gobies and Asian carp arrive in the river and how they crowd out native species. Andrew has included illustrations and maps to explain how invasive species were introduced: gobies were introduced from Eastern Europe via ballast water from international ships traveling the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Great Lakes, while Asian carp traveled up the Mississippi River from southern waters where they are used To control algal blooms, and the rapid increase in the density of algae in the water.

“Through this film festival, I hope to share my interest in native fish and their habitat, which are threatened by invasive species,” Andrew said in his participation in the competition.

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