Even the best tennis players are no match for this mistake.

A mysterious “US Open glitch” is spreading among the star athletes at this year’s tournament, leading to upsets and shocking withdrawals as the athletes struggle to battle it out on the court with coughing fits and stomachaches.

“I am a zombie because I have the flu,” Tunisian tennis star Anas Jabeur, 29, said at a press conference on Thursday after defeating Linda Noskova in three sets.

The No. 5 seed was visibly ill during the match, and was seen coughing and occasionally struggling to reach the ball on difficult shots.

“I take a lot of meds,” the No. 5 seed admitted at the conference, adding that she had “taken all the meds” that tournament doctors could provide.

Jabeur – who was upset by China’s Cheng Kenwen over the weekend – is one of many players who have fallen due to a so-called “US Open foul” since the tournament opened at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 28.

Anas Jaber struggled through three sets on Thursday.
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Finland’s Emil Russofori, 24, withdrew before his first-round match due to an unspecified illness.

The newspaper reported that Austrian Dominic Thiem, 30, then withdrew from the second set of his second-round match on Wednesday after falling over the net due to a stomach problem.

And the newspaper “Tennis World” reported that the 33-year-old Czech player, Petra Kvitova, also complained of stomach pains before she eventually lost to Caroline Wozniacki on Wednesday.

“I got the US Open wrong… somehow I still feel like I’m in the tournament but at home,” Tennys Sandgren, 32, failed to make it past the qualifiers, He tweeted on Thursday.

In a separate post, he added: “Overcome the bug (in the Open Championship).”

The New York Times reported that the 26-year-old Polish player, Hubert Hurkacz, also suffered on the field on Thursday and was treated by the medical staff before finally falling at the hands of Jack Draper.

The outlet added that during the match, sniffling, coughing and other signs of illness were heard all over the tennis courts.

Dominic Thiem collapsed at the net with stomach problems on the court last week.
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Players have also been spotted carrying tissues in their bags.

Off the court, former legendary player and tennis analyst John McEnroe reported on the second day of the tournament that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’m watching the US Open from home and can’t wait to get back to work soon,” McEnroe said he said via ESPN.

McEnroe’s diagnosis and the spread of troubling symptoms among the players raised fears that the tournament could be a super carrier of the COVID-19 pyrola virus, which experts say is spreading rapidly.

Spectators are not required to wear masks in the crowded tournament.
Charles Winzelberg/New York Post

And the newspaper indicated that the players – who are in close quarters and share many facilities – are not required to take a Corona virus test in the Open Championship.

Spectators are also not required to provide proof of vaccination, wearing masks, or testing before attending.

“It would be nice if these players who are feeling bad put on masks or something. I don’t know if it’s about With coronavirus, but usually at sporting events like this, these things can spread easily.”

“I’ve already had a few colds this season and it’s been taking a toll on me, so in a Grand Slam I definitely don’t want to make those mistakes. I also watch what I eat. It’s important for me to watch and prevent everything,” she added.

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