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The outdoor program offers several excursions for students to engage and learn in the process. On September 17, Steven Antonio and Emily Lasko, trip leaders and outdoor program staff, took a group of four students into the Alps for a day of fly fishing instruction.

The students met their outdoor program guides at approximately 8:00 a.m., as they all prepared to depart for the Snowy Range Mountains.

The first stop on the way out was at the West Laramie Fly Shop, where students received single-day fishing licenses and information from local guides.

After gearing up with a couple extra flies and some burritos and buns for the trail, the group made the one-hour trip to Brooklyn Lake, where Steven Antonio began instruction.

“Fly fishing can be portrayed as a very exclusionary activity,” Stephen said. “But really, our goal, as a program, is to teach everyone regardless. Fly fishing is for everyone, and it’s a great way to get (everyone) involved in an amazing outdoor experience.”

It wasn’t long before they quickly learned the agony of tying thin fly leaders with tiny hook eyes while fast winds numbed their fingers.
However, they made it and headed to the shores of Brooklyn Lake for their first fly-casting experience.

For flight leader Emily Lasko, this was her first experience with a fly rod. “When I applied for the program last year, I joined because I wanted to work abroad. My main goal when leading these trips is for everyone to be happy and safe.

As the group learned about fly fishing techniques, the trout began to appear discreetly but there were no prize winners.
It was collectively decided that the second stop on the schedule, Lake Mary, was worth a try.

The group all broke out their rods, loaded their gear into the back of the SUV and piled in for the short trip to the lake.

The short walk downhill provided the perfect opportunity for new fly anglers.
The water was crystal clear and trout were feeding on the surface as far as the eye could see. Group member Jake Dibble was the first to check the trout off the menu.

“I don’t know how we would have done it without (the flight leaders). Especially tying the knots,” Liz Ressler said.

Darby Morganflash lost a fish or two off her hook during the trip… “The fish are the problem!” “I wanted so badly to catch a fish,” she said.

The outdoor program includes fishing trips and other workshops, as well as many other activities, including winter recreation.
They are also a great resource for equipment rentals and advice on private outdoor excursions.

For those interested in joining the outdoor program, either as a participant or leader, you can find them through the university’s website.

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