The Oakland A’s need to decide on a 2025 home “in the next few months,” commissioner says.

The Oakland A’s need to decide on a 2025 home “in the next few months,” commissioner says.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The A’s need to know where they will play in 2025 no later than this summer, commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday, so MLB can finalize a schedule for this season.

While owner John Fisher plans to move the team to Las Vegas for the 2028 season, the A’s home for 2025-2027 remains unknown. Their final year in Auckland is expected to be 2024.

“We need to know in the next few months,” Manfred said after MLB owners meetings. “It’s difficult, even setting the timeline — even though it would obviously be somewhere in the West — you know, there’s a difference between some places in the West and other places in the West.”

Manfred declined to specify the number of sites or sites that remain in dispute. Salt Lake City, Utah, and Sacramento, California, are the front runners, people familiar with the process said.

“I’m comfortable with where they are in this process,” Manfred said. “They have options. I think they do a good job of exploring them and making sure we find the best possible option.”

The A’s’ play will have an impact on their scheduled television revenue, which is estimated at about $70 million annually if they stay in Oakland. If they leave, that money may disappear, or be reduced.

“They look at all of their revenue streams and try to figure out where they can maximize their revenue streams,” Manfred said. “There are differences between some of the options in terms of the TV opportunity. I don’t want to go any further.”

Fisher declined an interview request from reporters Thursday.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said this week on “Front Office Sports Today” that a CEO move to the city “doesn’t make sense.” When those comments led to a firestorm between fans and the media, Goodman issued a statement in which he appeared to both retract some sentiments and reinforce others.

“I want to make it clear that I am excited about the prospect of Major League Baseball in Las Vegas, and it is very likely that the Las Vegas A’s will become a reality that we will welcome to our city,” Goodman said in the statement. , later adding, “I think that in their ideal world, the A’s ownership would like to have a new ballpark on the water in Oakland, and the ownership and government there should listen to their great fans and try to make that dream come true.”

Goodman is not technically the mayor of the area A is moving to, on the Las Vegas Strip.

“All I can say is that the governor and Clark County officials have all been very supportive of the A’s moving to Las Vegas,” Manfred said. “I didn’t really have a reaction. I mean, honestly, I didn’t realize it until she said one thing and then she said another thing, so they kind of canceled each other out in my mind.”

Manfred did not say whether he believes the A’s are in danger of missing their 2028 goal to open a stadium in Las Vegas.

“I’ll be disappointed, let me say it this way, if we don’t open this stadium on Opening Day 2028,” Manfred said. “I’m disappointed, because I think this is what’s best for the first team and what’s best for the game.”

(Top photo of the Auckland Coliseum in 2020: Ben Margot, File/The Associated Press)

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