The MW3 community is celebrating the announcement of the long-awaited disbanding of lobbying

The MW3 community is celebrating the announcement of the long-awaited disbanding of lobbying

MW3 community members praised Sledgehammer Games for announcing that they would be testing unsolvable lobbies.

Sledgehammer Games has been transparent with community members regarding the studio’s plan for MW3. During the first few weeks of the game, the developers rolled out updates to address enemy visibility, inconsistent spawns, and TAC-Sprint delay.

Furthermore, the developers joined COD creator Repullze on the live stream to answer tough questions, such as revealing the game’s prestige system. To ensure community voices are heard, MW3 is offering a demo playlist to test features before they are rolled out to multiplayer.

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Recently, Sledgehammer Games hosted a Q&A session on Reddit and answered other burning questions. The team has not covered every issue at hand but has finally responded to long-overdue calls to remove the disbanded lobbyists.

The MW3 developers are addressing the issue of lobby resolution

After a multiplayer match in MW3 ends, the lobby is dissolved and users are loaded into a new match with a different group of players. Previously, classic COD titles kept lobbies together, which added an additional element of community building as players met new friends and rivals.

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COD fans have been begging for the feature to be removed since COD Vanguard, and their complaints have so far fallen on deaf ears.

On November 20, Sledgehammer Games announced: “In a future game update, we will test dismountable lobbies with a group of players to determine the performance of such a change. If these tests go well, we will explore the possibility of rolling it out to all players.”

Charlie Intel He confirmed the news, and community members celebrated in the comments.

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One player replied: “Well now we’re definitely moving in the right direction. Hopefully this will come sooner rather than later.”

“Thank you from the entire community,” another user added.

To illustrate the point, a third player recalled the glory days and said: “Teams fighting each other, back-to-back games. I’m here for it.

Sledgehammer Games has not let players know when they should expect the update. But this is sure to be music to the ears of MW3 fans who have been waiting for this announcement for a long time.

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