The most expensive Wilds of Eldraine card doubles in price!

For anyone watching Wilds of Eldraine after the deck’s pre-release, it’s no secret what the best card in the deck is. This doesn’t change the fact that there are quite a few potentially undervalued gems in the collection. Regardless, people are absolutely crazy about Beseech the Mirror right now.

As usual, this isn’t the only card seeing a price hike, but the price hike with regard to Beseech is so massive that, while likely temporary, it’s hard to ignore.

He begged the mirror

Heading into beta season, Beseech the Mirror was considered the best card in the Wilds of Eldraine determined by a mile. Although this card has some obvious goals in every format Mirror considers legal, Beseech the Mirror is absolutely insane in the old format. With the ability to combo as early as the first turn, Beseech the Mirror supercharges strategies that try to win quickly out of the gate by adding a layer of consistency.

This proved to be true over the weekend. While most people were playing in pre-release events, one of the Legacy courses was removed by Beseech the Mirror in the Helm of Obedience combo.

Now that everyone’s expectations are getting some boost, Beseech the Mirror pricing is a bit of a mess. The cheapest version of the Beseech the Mirror was $27 just a few days ago, and it’s selling for just under $50. Pre-release chips retail for just under $55, as well as non-paper expanded art. Beseech the Mirror foil expanded artwork retails for $70.

Now, a large part of that rally is the supply and demand relationship that we are currently experiencing with Beseech the Mirror. Wilds of Eldraine has not yet been officially released, so the number of cards currently available on the secondary market is minimal. This creates a resource bottleneck that should improve dramatically this weekend. At the time of writing, there are only five copies of this card available on TCGplayer, the cheapest being $55. This is unlikely to be the case after Friday passes.

As a result, it is advisable to treat this jump in prices with caution. Once the supply of Beseech the Mirror reaches a normal level, demand may be saturated, which will cause the price of this card to drop.

Either way, Beseech the Mirror remains the best card in Wilds of Eldraine by a mile, and should maintain a respectable price. It may not be $50.

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mistbind click

One of the two new pre-created Commander decks that launched alongside Wilds of Eldraine is a typical Elf deck. The Elf archetype is also an attribute of Dimir Limited in Wilds of Eldraine, which creates quite a bit of Elf support. This means that players are becoming interested in typical Elven synergies, causing ancient Elf cards to rise.

One positive aspect of the Fae Dominion Commander deck is that it does a great job of reprinting many of the most impactful elven spells one could want. However, Mistbind Clique is one of the Faeries that has not been reprinted in Fae Dominion.

Against the Elf Tournament, the Mistbind Clique can tap all of the opponent’s target territory. Since you can play the Mistbind Clique with instant speed, this can help you cast your spells on your next turn against the pesky blue player on your leader table who refuses to click. Alternatively, you can try tapping into the player’s territory to maintain it, essentially skipping their turn.

For reference, the keyword Champion means that Mistbind Clique needs another elf in play to function. The Faerie Mistbind Clique you use will be banished to the hero, but will return to play after the death of the Mistbind Clique. Since the Mistbind Clique must defend the Djinn, a typical Djinn deck is the perfect setting for this card to watch in action!

Thanks to the increased interest and lack of reprints, the price of Mistbind Click has skyrocketed. Mistbind Clique was only $4.50 at the beginning of August, and is currently close to $20. Clique started to pick up steam towards the end of August, and currently most copies sell for just over $17. Notably, copies of this card sell for over $20, but they tend to be the exception.

If, for some reason, you’re looking for Lorwyn’s Mistbind Clique, it’s not that expensive. In fact, the only other version of Mistbind Clique out there is actually the most expensive version.

Mistbind Clique also has a Secret Lair variant with a slight premium over the variant from Lorwyn. This card currently retails for about $27 and is only available in chips. The Mistbind Clique saw a much more gradual climb to just over $5 in June, but started to take off around the same time as the other Mistbind Clique. These are the only two currently extant editions of the Mistbind Clique.

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anime art

While Beseech the Mirror and Mistbind Clique are the only ones that have gained significantly this week, the Wilds of Eldraine animation cards are gaining value across the board. Rhythmic study is the most important of them all, so that’s the card we’ll be shouting.

You see many new Enchanted Tales cards playing somewhere. The most expensive cards you can find from this deck are generally displayed in Commander. Rhystic Study is one of the best and most annoying of these cards.

Currently, Full Technical Rhythm Studies has a pretty ridiculous asking price, going from $45 at the end of August to $88! Chips are priced at more than $100 right now.

Confetti Foil cards are even more ridiculous, currently selling for over $300! These are the Collector Booster hunt cards for the deck, so while they may be priced lower, it’s hard to know exactly what will happen to them.

Keep in mind that, like Beseech the Mirror, the prices of these cards will be affected by the fact that Wilds of Eldraine has yet to be fully released. Since these cards appear in the Wilds of Eldraine bonus sheet, I would strongly reconsider before buying at higher price points. March of the Machine was a great example of what bonus notes can do with secondary market prices. While this isn’t guaranteed, you could potentially drop significantly, which is fine, but it does mean that a little patience can save you some money.

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