The leak confirms that the physical SIM tray is here to stay


  • The design and colors of the Google Pixel 8 Pro have been accidentally revealed by the Pixel Simulator website, providing a 360-degree view of the phone.
  • And the leaked images confirm the presence of a temperature sensor on the back camera bar, which raises curiosity about the potential features that Google may offer using this sensor.
  • Despite the rumors, the Pixel 8 will actually have a physical SIM card slot, as shown in the renders on the simulator, and it will be in the same location as the Pixel 7.

In less than a month, the Google Pixel 8 series will debut alongside other Pixel devices at the company’s event on October 4th. The phones have been leaked several times in the past few months, detailing all their key features and specifications. As we enter the final few weeks before the Pixel 8 launch, we expect the leak doors to open already. Recently, Google inadvertently got its first look at the porcelain Pixel 8 Pro. And now, the listing of the flagship Pixel phone has been accidentally posted on the Pixel Simulator website, providing a 360-degree look at the phone from all angles.

The simulator showcased the Pixel 8 Pro design in all its glory in three colors: Sky, Licorice, and Porcelain. He also revealed the location of the microphones, USB-C port, power and volume keys, and confirmed the addition of a temperature sensor on the rear camera bar. It will be interesting to see what features Google offers with a temperature sensor.

Google Pixel 8 Pro leaked in 360 degrees

There have been rumors about Google skipping the physical SIM card slot on the Pixel 8 and taking the eSIM route, at least in the US. But renders in the simulator show that won’t be the case, with the SIM tray in the same location as the Pixel 7.

Google has since removed the Pixel 8 Pro from its simulator, but the damage is already done.

In addition, the dropout @evleaks It posted a render of the Pixel 8 Pro in the stunning new Sky shade. Rumors previously referred to this new color as Sky Blue. He also shared screenshots of what appears to be the Pixel 8’s home screen with different wallpapers, which leaked a few months back.

Google Pixel 8 Pro render leaked in the shadow of Sky

Given the way Google itself inadvertently leaked the upcoming Pixel phones, it is expected that they will appear several times before being officially unveiled on the fourth of October.

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