The Lakers celebrate their season championship win with a banner ceremony

The Lakers celebrate their season championship win with a banner ceremony

LOS ANGELES — It wouldn’t be a mistake to confuse the new season championship logo unveiled by the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night with the NBA title totems dotting the rafters of Arena, but it’s something the team is proud of. Her right.

“I think it’s great for the organization,” coach Darvin Hamm said before the Lakers lost to the New York Knicks 114-109. “Obviously (the tournament) is going to be there. It’s going to get bigger and better. I think it’s really cool that we’re going to do it. Especially since we’re the first to win the season opener.”

Lakers players paused their pregame warmups for a short ceremony about 20 minutes before tipoff. A tribute video featuring highlights from Los Angeles’ 7-0 run through the tournament, which culminated in a championship win over the Indiana Pacers in Las Vegas just over a week ago, was shown on the video board.

The black curtain covering the sign was then lowered to show off the new decor.

The banner — black with gold accents, and featuring a graphic of the NBA trophy in the center and 2023 to indicate the year the Lakers won — is about half the size of the 12 banners representing the NBA’s leagues since it moved to Los Angeles. It’s located in the rafters to the left of those banners, along with the five banners honoring titles won in Minneapolis.

While banners for the NBA championship won in Los Angeles are horizontally justified, the season’s championship banner is vertical, with a pointed bottom, resembling the decoration of a medieval jousting match.

The ceremony was simple. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was not present. Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss did not go to court. After the video recap and banner unveiling, the NBA Cup trophy was placed on a table on center court while the Lakers stood by and were recognized by public address announcer Lawrence Tanter as champions.

Attendees were given black T-shirts commemorating the championship title, and the Lakers wore their 3-0 alternate black uniforms during championship play.

Lakers star Kobe Bryant became notorious by the team’s celebration standards for refusing to hang division championship banners at the spot honoring all the Larry O’Brien awards the franchise had accumulated; But Monday’s ceremony received a standing ovation from the home team’s fans.

All tournament games in the season, other than the tournament, were counted as regular season games, so it was appropriate for the pregame ceremony to end quickly without any player or coach taking a microphone to address the crowd. LeBron James took a few steps from the center circle toward the three-point line and his teammates followed suit, back to the layup lines to prepare for another regular season game.

“It’s a great shot in the arm in terms of rising to the occasion from a competitive standpoint,” Hamm said of starring in bringing strength to the early season schedule. “Moreover, it creates and maintains the foundation that we are trying to lay in terms of getting through the regular season and then, ultimately, into the playoffs.”

Los Angeles was 3-5 heading into the tournament in early November and used its unbeaten streak to climb to fourth in the Western Conference standings.

Since the conclusion of the tournament, Los Angeles has gone 1-2 on a road trip through Dallas and San Antonio before Monday night’s matchup with the Knicks. While Friday’s loss to the Spurs that ended an 18-game losing streak for San Antonio was a disappointment, it came with a silver lining: It was the same day each player’s $500,000 winnings were deposited as a lump sum payment into their accounts. According to what the sources said. espn.

While the Lakers players acknowledged the obvious emotional letdown that came with getting back into the swing of things after the tournament ended, Hamm praised the overall experience.

“I think it’s huge, man,” he said. “The intensity with which everyone played. You can feel it. I think it’s great. Anytime you can have highly competitive basketball with the best athletes in the world, I think it’s great for the fans, great for the organizations, and ultimately great for the world.” NBA.”

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