The former NBA player allegedly planned the murder during the game

The former NBA player allegedly planned the murder during the game

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – While Chance Comanche was on the court of the NBA Sacramento Stockton Kings on Dec. 2, he was planning a murder, according to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now Investigators.

“I start my game,” Comanche texted his alleged accomplice, according to Las Vegas Metro Police. “I’ll check half the time.”

“Okay, have fun,” Sakari Harnden replied. “good luck.”

Twelve days later, Comanche confessed to the murder, investigators said.

Comaneci, 27, and Harnden, 19, face charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping in Las Vegas Justice Court.

Photo of Chance Comanche (left) provided by the Associated Press. Photo of Sakari Harnden (right) provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Police said the remains of their alleged victim, Marina Rodgers, 23, were found in Henderson, outside Las Vegas.

Rodgers was a medical assistant in Washington state, according to his loved ones. Her boyfriend told police that they traveled to Las Vegas on December 1 with the intent of engaging in prostitution, the arrest report said. Rodgers’ friends also told investigators that Rodgers was a sex worker and that unlike her, he never checked in on or returned from “dates.”

Marina Rodgers, 23, was last seen on Dec. 6, according to her loved ones. (class)

A motive was also identified in the arrest report. According to the report, Harden alleged that a man identified as her boyfriend was involved in a double murder in California. The friend was being held on murder charges at the San Joaquin County Jail, police said.

“Sakari was upset with Marina for telling other people that Sakari framed her boyfriend for the murder,” the arrest report stated.

Police said they found messages dating back to December 1 on the messaging app Telegram between Comanche and Harnden planning to kidnap and kill Rodgers.

“Pretend to be a scammer and make her come wherever you are and take her when she shows up,” Harnden texted Comanche, according to police.

In earlier messages, Comanche appeared to reference other individuals who appeared to be aware of the plan.

“It’s green,” Comanche texted on the morning of Dec. 1, according to the report. “She gave them her full name. Her Social Security number. Her IG page. All of it.”

On Dec. 2, police said Comanche texted, “I told my dad the whole plan. He’s just waiting to run it through them.”

Later that day, an unidentified third person was added to the chat, according to the report.

Police said Comanche texted later that night: “It’s about time.” “Run the plan by him so he can move it on. People are ready.”

“Trynna finds a (ghost emoji gun emoji)” is the third person in the report sent on December 3. Ghost guns are usually assembled by the buyer and cannot be tracked.

On December 4, police said Comanche texted her: “Drink that (expletive) and mix rat poison or extract in her drink.”

“I could slit her throat or (expletive) choke her,” the report later stated. “If I get a nice little piece of rope or a sturdy piece, I can do it from the back seat. Like killers do in the movies.”

On the night of December 5, Comanche sent a message to Rodgers pretending to be someone interested in purchasing sex acts, also known as a sham.

This is the same night the Comanches played at the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson.

A friend told police that Rodgers showed him a series of text messages between her and Harnden in which Harnden had previously arranged a double date for prostitution, according to the report.

“In the text messages, the anonymous trickster offered to pay Marina $1,000 for services,” the report states.

The friend said he drove Rodgers to meet Harnden and found it strange that a man, later identified by police as Comanche, was in the back seat.

In the early morning hours, while the duo was with Rodgers, police said Comanche texted, “My acting skills are beyond amazing.”

Investigators said Comanche appeared to coach Harnden about being questioned by police.

“It’s Vegas, she (expletive) turned around and got kidnapped. She was with you until such-and-such time, and then the guy she was supposed to meet called her an Uber and she left.”

The case was initially a missing persons investigation with the LVMPD Deputy Division after friends told police that Rodgers was a sex worker, according to the report. When investigators discovered the Telegram messages, the case was transferred to LVMPD’s Homicide Division.

Police said they obtained additional evidence such as surveillance video detailing Comanche’s whereabouts while visiting and leaving the MV Henderson Resort, as well as video of Harnden leaving Comanche’s hotel room visibly upset and crying after Comanche left with his luggage on the morning of Dec. 6. .

Earlier that morning, the couple was seen at Winco on Stephanie Street buying a cooking knife, lemons, limes, oranges and salt, according to the report.

Harnden was taken into custody in Las Vegas on December 13. Police said they claimed Rodgers was riding in an Uber the last time they saw her. Through an emergency request from Uber, police learned there were no rides matching Harnden’s claim, the report said.

Comanche was taken into custody in Sacramento County later that week. He said Harnden, an ex-girlfriend with whom he kept in touch, described having problems with Rodgers, which led them to devise a plan to lure her away from her friends to kill her, police said.

Comanci told police he offered a friend $3,000 to commit the murder, but he wasn’t interested in helping, the report said.

Comanche admitted to posing as a “trick,” describing his meeting with Rodgers and texting Harnden about the plan while Rodgers was with them in the car, according to investigators.

Comanche also described how the alleged murder was committed while they were parked in a cul-de-sac near Horizon Ridge Parkway and Gibson Road in Henderson. Comanche said he tried to strangle Rodgers with a rope while Harnden tried to strangle her with her hands, according to the report.

Police said Comanche told them where Rodgers’ remains were found.

On December 15, the Comanche team announced his release. He was placed in jail without bail and was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. He is expected to be extradited to Nevada.

Harnden also faced a theft charge after police said she stole the Rolex watch. She is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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