The Fisheries Council is accepting ideas for proposals for fish and shellfish regulations

The Fisheries Council is accepting ideas for proposals for fish and shellfish regulations

The following is provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

The Alaska Board of Fisheries calls for proposed changes in the subsistence, personal use, sport, oriented sport, and commercial fishing regulations for Southeastern, Yakutat, and Prince William Sound shellfish, finfish, oysters, and all other shellfish species statewide.

The deadline for submitting offers is Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Alaska Board of Fisheries (Board) is accepting proposed changes to the regulations for subsistence, personal use, sport, directed sport, and commercial fishing for fish and shellfish in the southeastern Wyakutat and Prince William Sound fish and shellfish (including the Upper Copper River and Upper River). Susitna River), and all other shellfish statewide for consideration by the Board at its 2024-2025 meeting session. The Board may also consider subsistence proposals for other topics (including other areas) under the Subsistence Proposals Policy, 5 AAC 96.615, if the proposals are submitted within this deadline and the Board determines that they meet the criteria in either 5 AAC 96.615(a)(1). ) ) or (2).

To ensure the proposal book is completed prior to Board meetings, the Board has set Wednesday, April 10, 2024, as the deadline for proposals.

Proposals can be submitted online, by email, mail or fax to the following address:


mail: ADF&G, Panel Support Division

P.O. Box 115526

Juneau, Ak 99811-5526

Fax: (907) 465-6094

Proposals must be received by Wednesday, April 10, 2024 At the Council Support Department office in Juno. Postmark is not sufficient for timely receipt.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals as soon as possible. The Fisheries Board Proposal Form, including the online proposal form, is available on the Councils Support website, Proposal forms are also available at any council support office. Proposals must be submitted on the current approved form. Any additional information submitted with the form, such as tables, web links, images, or graphs, will not be included in the proposal book.

The completed proposal form must contain a contact phone number and address. Email addresses are appreciated. Please print or write the name of the individual or organization as appropriate.

The Council encourages individuals or organizations to communicate and coordinate with others in developing proposals. Local Advisory Committees (ACs) are an excellent resource and the collective knowledge and experience within the ACs may help improve proposals, increasing their chances of success. Here is a link to air conditioners across the state You can also work with area staff from the Department of Fish and Game to better understand current regulations, and what the impact(s) of the proposed change will be. Contact information for district staff can be found on the ADF&G website here:

All proposals are reviewed before publication. Emotionally charged language detracts from the essence of the proposal and may provoke opposition that is unrelated to the element(s) of the proposal. This language may be edited or deleted before publication. Proposals that do not meet the invitation will not be accepted. Proposals must relate to the area, species and uses in this call. If duplicate proposals are received by the same individual or group, only one proposal will be included in the proposal book.

Published proposals will be referenced in the Proposal Book with appropriate citation to the Alaska Administrative Code and include a brief description of the action requested.

Proposal books are sent to advisory committees and the public for review and comment. The proposals are available online at Proposers are encouraged to review the proposal book as soon as possible to ensure the inclusion and accuracy of the proposals. Noticeable errors and omissions should be reported to Councils Support immediately. The public is encouraged to visit the Fisheries Council website frequently for news and information regarding the upcoming session.

Responsive proposals received by the proposal deadline will be considered by the Board of Fisheries during the October 2024 through March 2025 meeting schedule.

For more information, please contact Alaska Fisheries Council Executive Director, Art Nelson, at (907) 267-2292.

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