The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth beta is now available, featuring new gameplay featuring the world map, mini-games, and more

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth beta is now available, featuring new gameplay featuring the world map, mini-games, and more

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has received an in-depth look at the latest State of Play trailer on PlayStation, as publisher Square Enix announced that a demo of the game will be available on Wednesday on PS5. The playable demo, currently available for download on the PlayStation Store, will allow players to control both protagonist Cloud Strife and antagonist Sephiroth in an early section of the game. Along with the announcement, Square Enix also released 11 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming RPG, showing off the world map, traversal modes, minigames, and more.

This was Sony’s second State of Play presentation of the year, focusing entirely on the rebirth of Final Fantasy VII. The trailer kicked off with a new story trailer for the game, including a confrontation between Cloud and Sehiroth, along with other party members and characters. The clip also shows off combat from the game and some of the stunning and varied environments.

The trailer was followed by an in-depth look at the game that highlighted the expansive world map, which includes dense cities, mountains, grasslands and more, and the ways to traverse them, including vehicles, mountains and, of course, Chocobos. Gameplay also features detailed quests and a variety of minigames, including a deck-building card game called Queen’s Blood. The footage also featured detailed portraits and facial animations that aid in the game’s narrative. Rebirth will be available to play in both performance mode, which prioritizes frame rate, and graphics mode, which prioritizes 4K resolution.

According to Square Enix, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo will be a flashback section centered around the Nibelheim Incident, putting players in Sephiroth’s shoes. The incident takes place years before the events of the game, providing additional context about the story and characters.

Additionally, the studio said it plans to release an update between now and the game’s release later this month that adds the Junun region to the demo, allowing players to freely explore the area.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second game in the remake trilogy of the original game, will tell the story of Cloud and his friends as they track down Sephiroth. The game’s demo is available now on the PlayStation Store, with the full game releasing on February 29 on PS5.

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