The December PS Plus lineup wants you to enjoy Christmas

The December PS Plus lineup wants you to enjoy Christmas

Thanksgiving is over, which means Christmas is coming soon. To prepare for the snow season, Sony’s December update brings a selection of lower-tier games via PlayStation Plus.

Company Announced which games it will offer for free For PS Plus subscribers throughout December. The list is not long, containing only three games of different genres, but it is not always about quantity. In this case, it’s all about quality, and what you’ll get are some great games worth diving into over Christmas.

What are the PS Plus games for December?

If you’re a subscriber of any of the three PS Plus tiers, you can download LEGO 2K Engine, Powerwash simulatorAnd Sable Without any additional fees. LEGO 2K Engine It’s the newest game on this list, arriving on most consoles on May 19. An open-world racing game that’s not much different from Forza Horizon Developed by Visual Concepts, the game lets you build fast cars and race against computers and friends alike. in Review it, my city Staff writer Zach Zwiesen He expressed frustration with the game’s microtransactions but praised the racing and building elements, which are the most important parts.

It was originally released in 2022 by developer FuturLab’s Powerwash simulator You’ve had great success. This relaxing, relaxing sim game is as cool as it is satisfying, and stays fresh with Continuing series to Crossover DLC Which shows no signs of stopping. What needs cleaning next, I wonder…

Finally, the oldest game here is this generation’s version of a trip. Sable, developed by Shedworks and launched in September 2021, is an open-world coming-of-age game about a girl and her bicycle. There are a lot of nuances to the game, but it’s best to see it all for yourself. Everything you need to know about Sable It’s that he’s amazing, a huge award-winner, and one of the Former staff writer Renata Price’s best games that year. Seriously, go play it.

And there you have it. Three excellent if low-key games to enjoy as we enter December and wrap up what feels like the longest year on record. That’s not all you can check now. If you are subscribed to The most expensive tier in PS Plusso the premium version is worth $18 You can try free trials for Baldur’s Gate 3 And Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Whatever floats your boat. I don’t judge.

PlayStation Plus December offers:

  • Lega 2K Engine
  • Powerwash simulator
  • Sable

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