The conference designates November 15 as National GIS Day to celebrate mapping technology

The conference designates November 15 as National GIS Day to celebrate mapping technology

Washington, DC — Today, as Geographic Information System (GIS) users around the world showcase their work, Congressmen John Curtis (R-Utah) and Pete Aguilar (D-Calif) formally introduced a resolution to designate November 15, 2023, as National Information Systems Day Geography. The decision encourages GIS users to continue innovating and using GIS as a tool to analyze and address current societal challenges and drive economic growth.

“We take for granted the ability of our mobile devices to help us get from one point to another,” he said. Representative John Curtis. “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an essential component of how we move ourselves and our goods around the world. We should all applaud the progress the GIS community has made and its work to make everyday activities possible. I am proud to introduce this resolution again with Representative Aguilar and recognize National GIS Day Geographic information.

“GIS is an important navigational tool that Americans rely on every day. It is very exciting to see the innovations and progress we have made in this field.” Rep. Pete Aguilar. “I am proud that the Inland Empire is home to Esri, one of the world’s leading GIS companies, and on National GIS Day, I pay tribute to the hardworking men and women whose efforts help chart our path toward a smarter, more connected future.”

“The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) commends Representatives Curtis and Aguilar for their leadership and initiative in introducing the GIS Day resolution. The land surveying profession and the GIS community work side by side in mapping and cataloging the United Nations’ massive infrastructure, disaster planning and recovery efforts, and managing Floodplains, natural resources, and other public policies important for the protection and safety of the public. — Bob Akins, PLS, President of NSPS

“Thank you to Congressmen Aguilar and Curtis for introducing the GIS Day resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. Geospatial data, services, technology, and applications, many of which are captured and visualized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), are used by individual citizens every day on our mobile devices and in Business, government, educational institutions, and organizations are important and make a significant contribution to our economy and quality of life.This resolution helps draw attention to GIS and its role in infrastructure, climate, environment, economic growth and development, and other important work performed by this community. — John Palatello, President and Founder, US Geospatial Executives (US GEO)

“I want to thank Congressmen Curtis and Aguilar for their leadership in sponsoring the 2023 House GIS Day Resolution. Each year, GIS Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the critical impact these technologies are having on every industry.” Federal and State Agencies Local governments, the private sector, and nonprofits rely on geospatial systems to keep Americans safe, plan our communities, protect the environment, and help manage organizations of all sizes. GIS tools touch our lives for the better every day, and I appreciate the House’s support for this resolution. the important.” — Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri

For the text of the bill, click here.


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