The Chiefs’ Chris Jones is hopeful of a new deal and says he could play the opening game

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Chris Jones said he remains hopeful of signing a new long-term contract with the Kansas City Chiefs and indicated he may be ready to play in the Champions League’s Super Bowl season opener on Thursday.

Jones spoke to reporters Wednesday while attending a team charity event at Ronald McDonald’s Kansas City home. The star defender declined to discuss specifics about his contract stalemate with the Chiefs but said he was simply “asking for a raise” and stressed he did not want to be a distraction to his team-mates.

“I can’t really elaborate on that,” Jones said when asked about the negotiations. “I hope it gets resolved.

“It’s always been my goal to be Kansas City president for life. I’ve said that many times on social media platforms, through interviews – and they know where my position is. Hopefully we can come up with something on a long-term condition.”

In the short term, the Chiefs will start their defense in the Super Bowl Thursday night against the Detroit Lions in the NFL season opener. Jones was asked when he would be ready to play if he reached a new deal with the Chiefs.

“If an agreement is reached, I can be there tomorrow,” he added.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Tuesday there has been no “progress” in talks with Jones, who has one season remaining on a four-year contract he signed in 2020 but has yet to report as he seeks a better deal. Jones was slated to earn $80 million over the four years, and his $20 million average would make him the ninth highest paid defensive tackle this season.

Jones was asked on Wednesday if he worried about letting teammates down and compared his situation to that of any employee seeking a pay increase at work.

“How did you let them down?” Jones asked. “It’s like when you’re at work, you ask for an extension – you ask for a raise. You don’t let anyone down. Who do you let down when you ask your boss for a raise?”

“So when you take away the personal feelings, you kind of get it. All I do is ask for a raise.”

Jones, 29, said he was concerned he would be a “distraction” if he decided to “hold on” and attend off-season training camp and pre-season training while a deal was negotiated. The four-time Pro Bowler said he spent his offseason training in Miami and “keeps focused, knowing this is a process.”

“I’ve been in contact with my teammates,” he said. “I still train every day, I still do similar things to what they do in training camp.

“The camaraderie – we’ve got a lot of new players. I miss that side of it, but I’ll be ready to leave when the time comes.”

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