The campaign in Iowa seeks to be designated state fish

The campaign in Iowa seeks to be designated state fish

The Iowa darter has every color of the rainbow and is indisputably a handsome man. Is this species ready – and worthy – to represent the state for which it is named?

Iowa Rep. John Wells, R-Spirit Lake, believes the time for the Iowa shooters has come. He introduced a resolution in the Iowa House that would designate it as the official state fish. The proposed resolution cleared a hurdle Thursday by winning support from an Iowa House subcommittee.

If you’ve never heard of the Iowa Darter, this is no surprise. They are about 2½ inches tall, and don’t hang like trophies over someone’s fireplace.

Although they are colorful, their other claim to fame is their speed. They are often able to move along the bottom of a river or lake faster than the human eye can follow, making them difficult to see in the wild.

47 states have an official fish. Why not Iowa?

The Iowa colorfish could become the official state fish of Iowa under a resolution currently in the Iowa Legislature

Iowa is one of only three states that does not have a state fish, the others being Indiana and Ohio.

It’s not as if there haven’t been attempts to designate a state fish for Iowa.

The perennial previous candidate was the channel catfish. She enjoyed the same success as the late Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen, who famously ran unsuccessfully for president nine times.

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