The California Digital Driver’s License debuted on Android and iOS


  • California has launched a digital driver’s license and ID program, allowing residents to keep a virtual copy of their driving credentials on their smartphones.
  • The CA DMV Wallet app now supports digital IDs on both Android and iOS, but users will still need to keep a physical ID or authorization on them.
  • Practical use of digital IDs will be limited at first, but they are expected to be extremely useful for TSA PreCheck at supported airports.

In an era when our smartphones contain everything from our favorite songs to our bank details, it’s no surprise that our official ID cards are also on them. Especially in California, host to Silicon Valley, where the digital transformation is underway — now, the state has officially launched its driver’s license and digital ID program, making it accessible for residents to keep a virtual copy of their driver’s credentials.

As reported by the founder of Android Police Artem RusakovskyFor California residents looking to convert to the digital format, the CA DMV Wallet app now supports digital IDs on both Android and iOS. Once downloaded, users can quickly obtain their digital driver’s license, with some reporting the process taking less than a minute. However, it should be noted that as of now, this digital ID does not integrate with the Google Wallet Digital ID feature.

To enroll in mDL Pilot, you only need a valid California driver’s license or ID, and you must be in good enough shape that it can be easily scanned with your phone’s camera. You’ll also need a MyDMV account, but creating one is free. From there, all you have to do is install the DMV Wallet app and follow the prompts to set up your digital ID.

The state acknowledges that practical use of this feature will be limited at first, and that the digital identifiers will be most useful to TSA PreCheck at supported airports. California’s DMV also makes it clear that privacy is a priority, stating that “usage is not tracked, and no data leaves your device without your consent.”

One of the main concerns expressed by users is the practicality of these digital identifiers during scenarios such as traffic stoppages. To this end, current procedures require drivers to do so It still provides an actual ID When pulled over by law enforcement. But the app includes a QR code system, allowing officers to simply scan the code for verification, a method already used in some parts of the world to document cars.

Google is not far behind in this digital transformation. As we covered earlier, the tech giant is beta testing a feature in Google Wallet that allows users to add state-issued identifiers. The move comes after iPhones introduced the ability to store digital copies of government-issued ID cards. Although this feature is currently limited to Maryland, expectations point to a broader rollout soon, with potential to expand beyond US borders in the foreseeable future. The demo images suggest a straightforward process for adding identifiers, with the added benefit of encryption for data security.

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