The Bunker has just added a feature we want in real life

The Bunker has just added a feature we want in real life

Developer Frictional Games has been refining its brand of horror for about 17 years. Great start to 2007 Partial shadetheir highly claustrophobic practical games are becoming more and more frightening, all the while memory loss series, as well as 2015 Soma. With 2023 Amnesia: the basement, this reached a terrifying climax, where your every action threatened to attract the ever-present monster – so you should be very happy to know that the new update has ensured that at least the rats are now non-aggressive. Oh, and a host of other new accessibility options that open up the game to a slew of new players.

The other accessibility options just added are arguably more important than rodent behavior, so let’s focus on those first. There are a lot of these features that you’d hope the game would release these days, rather than seven months after its debut, but they’re still very welcome.

Amnesia: the basement It now features closed caption translation, as well as a way to preview how the subtitles will appear, and the very cool optional feature of adding directional arrows to the subtitles, so hearing-impaired players can tell which direction the ominous noise is coming from.

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There are now also options to reduce camera movement and video distortion effects, which certainly changes the way the game was originally intended to be presented, but also allows many people to play without feeling nauseous. Input options have also been given a series of toggles, meaning players no longer need to hold down mouse buttons in order to interact with physics, sprint, aim, reload, charge flashlights, and check health. This is crucial for those with restricted mobility, or weaker joints, and means the game becomes more accessible.

The final selection of new accessibility features is geared toward making the game more playable for those who struggle with finer details. There’s an aim assist slider, with five settings, from the default ‘off’ to ‘very high’, while the weapon effect is now optional too. There’s a toggle switch that lets you reduce enemy awareness, and it’s essentially an “easy mode” version of the game, meaning enemies are less likely to spot you while you’re sneaking around. And then, finally, you can make the mice non-aggressive.

It’s funny how some patch notes catch your imagination, and you see “non-aggressive mice” appear in List of Frictional updates Definitely caught us. According to the setting, this toggle “determines whether or not rats can track and attack the player.”

Mice are very major characters in the basementTheir presence is often a problem, especially when they take up corpses that contain information you might want to loot. Oh, and they bite. Leave a trail of blood behind when hit, and the little buggers will follow, their voices attracting unwanted attention. It’s always possible to scare them, but doing so might attract the monster, and you don’t want that. You know, they’re aggressive. when Gaming space Review the gameIn their list of “bad” items for the game, they included “Rats (you’ll see what we mean…)” Eurogamer He said“The mice themselves are more annoying than scary.” Sixth axis They also included them on their “bad” list along with “those bloody rats.” A particularly good site is called my city He said of animals“I find myself wishing I had at least one thing to worry about. Maybe we don’t need rats.”

So here you go. These wishes have finally come true, and the rats can now be swapped out to leave you in Hell alone. And if you live in New York, there’s a very good chance that this is the key you wish you had in common.

He buys Amnesia: The Cache: Humble package


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