The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker

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We’ve all heard questionable information and advice about health and weight loss over the years. It could be from well-meaning friends, an online story, celebrity statements on social media, or the latest media story. But Joel Beckman and his scientist brother, co-founders of an innovative new health and weight loss company, are using the latest science to help set the record straight to help people get healthier.

Myth #1 – My metabolism is slowing down

Many people believe that as we age, our metabolism (the rate at which we use calories for energy) decreases. Not so, Beckman says.

“Contrary to popular belief, we discovered that our metabolic rate does not change as we age,” Beckman said. “Instead, metabolism is almost always linked to body weight. Interestingly, when someone starts to gain weight, their metabolic rate will actually go up. If they lose weight, their metabolic rate will go down.”

Instead of slowing down their metabolism, Beckman says, far more people are “breaking” their metabolism by following bad advice. “There is a popular weight loss reality show where people starve themselves and exercise like crazy to lose an incredible amount of weight in a relatively short period of time,” Beckman said. “This can certainly work in the short term, but there’s a reason you never see reunion shows on these weight loss shows – they don’t work in the long term. And when they inevitably return to the real world, they start gaining the weight back and their metabolism doesn’t match that,” And he doesn’t come back with that amazing bodyweight yo-yo.

“They effectively break down their metabolic rate,” Beckman said. “This is when you run into real problems. Fortunately, by carefully managing your macros (protein, fat, carbs), you can get things back to normal.”

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker
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Myth 2: Exercise can compensate for a bad diet

You may be tempted to accept the idea that good exercise can make up for a bad diet. This simply isn’t the case for almost anyone, according to Beckman.

“Everyone should get some amount of exercise 5-6 times a week,” Beckman said. “Although losing weight is less than it has other health benefits including heart and brain health, and your ability to maintain balance as you age, especially for hormones and proper nutrient absorption.”

According to Beckman, the best type of exercise is the kind you’ll do on a regular basis.

“But that doesn’t mean you can outgrow or outgrow a bad diet, that’s a particularly dangerous myth,” Beckman said. “Even the most intense workouts will only burn a few hundred calories, while eating the wrong types of food not only counteracts the ‘burn’ but actively encourages your body to store body fat.”

Beckman adds that if you want to “burn” more calories, you can do so more effectively through a proper diet. “Your diet may have gotten you into the shape you’re in, but it can also help you get into much better shape now and in the future,” Beckman said.

Myth 3: All calories are the same

“A calorie is a calorie” is particularly troubling, Beckman said.

“In a chemistry setting this may be true, but it is completely misunderstood in the context of human nutrition and certainly in the context of what we do with energy in the body,” Beckman said. “Yet, people and experts repeat the same ‘calories in, calories out’ myth. By the same logic, you could say that 2,000 calories from a soft drink are treated within the body in the same way as 2,000 calories from a properly balanced macronutrient. One body and makes you fat and sick, while the other supports life and helps you thrive.”

“This statement completely ignores the effect on the body’s systems and hormones,” Beckman said. “Experts have clearly shown that hormones, such as insulin, have a profound effect on what the body does by burning calories, storing calories or even wasting calories efficiently.”

“By limiting carbohydrates, and consuming the right mix of proteins and healthy fats, you will not only have more sustained energy, but you will help speed up your metabolism, help strengthen your immune system, and even help improve gut health,” Beckman said. Health and brain health.”

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker
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Myth 4: A low-fat diet is best for weight loss

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, there’s a good chance you’ve at least considered a low-fat diet. In 1977, the US Dietary Guidelines were published, and even without significant evidence from randomized controlled trials and tests, these guidelines recommended a significant reduction in dietary fat, thus beginning a nationwide fat-phobia mentality.

“People have been told not to eat clinically proven healthy fats in favor of refined carbohydrates, and the results have been devastating,” Beckman said. “Since 1977, the average American adult has become about 30 pounds heavier, reports the Centers for Disease Control, a government agency.”

Beckman shares that there is compelling evidence of the overall health benefits of a high-fat diet.

“Fat not only helps you feel full, it helps with brain health, gut health, and metabolic health,” Beckman said. “This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy carbohydrates, but you have to realize that there are no essential carbohydrates; only essential amino acids (from protein), and essential fatty acids.”

“Focus on a wide range of healthy fats from animal sources (such as eggs, beef, salmon) and fruit sources (olives, coconut, avocado),” Beckman said. “Refined seeds and vegetable oils should be avoided at all costs; they are particularly harmful.”

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker
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Bringing solutions from the lab to the real world

Even with all the information Beckman and others share, people around the world are constantly wondering what they should do for their health.

“Ideally, we would all have the knowledge, time, discipline and budget to plan, purchase and prepare perfect meals,” Beckman said. “But this simply doesn’t happen; people are busy, stressed, and making unhealthy choices that derail their health goals.”

It became clear to Beckman that he needed to be part of the solution to help people achieve their best health more quickly, especially to help those who don’t always have the time, knowledge or discipline to eat healthy. In response, Beckman and his co-founding team of metabolic and industry experts recently created the HLTH Code Complete Meal.

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker

These carefully formulated meal shakes are designed to promote healthy weight management, gut health, brain health, and even hair, skin and nail health, says Beckman. The HLTH Code Complete Meal features an enhanced, science-backed blend of protein, collagen, healthy fats, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals – with no added sugar or any artificial ingredients.

“We are very fortunate to have a leading metabolic scientist as our formulator,” Beckman said. “An incredible amount of work has gone into making this product nutritionally balanced and optimized, yet we’ve learned that if it doesn’t taste good, no one will use it consistently.”

Solve hunger pangs the right way

When it comes to eating, Beckman says it’s easy to consume too many calories and still feel hungry. This is because the calories consumed are not the right types of calories to provide essential nutrition. He refers to this as “malnutrition” and says it destroys the health of many people.

“Every HLTH Code Complete Meal shake is packed with optimized amounts of these ingredients to keep you feeling full and energized for hours,” Beckman said. “However, it is more convenient and affordable than any meal you can prepare or buy.”

Beckman says the shakes are quick and easy to make: Simply add 2 scoops of creamy vanilla or whole-meal macadamia nuts powder to an 8-oz. of cold water and shake or blend. For general health, it is recommended to replace one meal per day. To reset your health or lose weight, replace up to two meals daily.

“These are by far the best meal replacement shakes I’ve ever had. I’ve tried several of them. These products win by a long shot. They taste like heaven plus they’re keto friendly, and I’m keto so I win,” said one reviewer. the win. I highly recommend them 100%. “I couldn’t love them more.”

Another reviewer says: “It’s delicious. Plus, it’s filling and keeps me full all afternoon. I’ve been able to get through a weight loss phase by using it as lunch every day at work.”

Another review said: “I’ve been drinking this for 5 months to break my intermittent fasting and I’m in tip top shape at 21 lbs. I can’t recommend this enough!! Plus it has great flavor!! Can’t you love it??”

Does the HLTH Code make losing weight easier?

According to Beckman, the best health starts with the right mix of nutrition. Increased energy, feeling more energetic, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, improved gut health, and improved appearance are some of the benefits of improving one’s nutrition.

The 4 myths that make Utahns fatter and sicker
Image: HLTH Code

“The overall benefits of the HLTH Code Complete Meal are especially beneficial if you are trying to lose weight,” Beckman said. “Weight loss is rarely easy. There have to be the right changes in both hormones and calorie balance to signal the body that it is time to start burning body fat, not storing it.”

Beckman adds that based on the best available studies on human metabolism, combined with exercise, the HLTH Code Complete Meal helps people lose weight without having to count all the calories.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you’re nervous about trying something new and making changes to your nutrition plan, don’t worry. Bikman is committed to its HLTH Code Meal replacement products and is ready to guarantee your satisfaction.

“You have nothing to lose (except those extra pounds) and everything to gain, in terms of health and confidence,” Beckman said.

In fact, if you’re looking for better health and healthy weight management, a HLTH Code meal replacement may be your answer. To get exclusive savings on your first order, visit and enter discount code KSL at checkout.

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