Texas Fishing Report for September 9th

Here’s the latest fishing report as provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife on September 9. If there are any sites that are not included that you would like to see listed, please email requests to sports@mrt.com.


good. The water is a little muddy. 84 degrees; 49.88 feet below the pool. Black Bass is good in water 5-20 feet deep. The main lake and minor points have good fish. Top waters, frogs, buzzbaits, Texas rigged trick worms, Ned Riggs, and elbow baits work well. White and striped bass are good in major river channels in 20 to 50 feet of water using bell and blade traps, Alabama rigs and buckle jigs fished over bait balls. They work better. Very close lines! Report by Captain Raul Cordero, Far West Guide Service. Good channel catfish. I’m starting to see more blue catfish which is good. The lake is declining about an inch per day. The depth of the fish ranges from 12 to 30 feet. Report by Captain Kent Tyrrell, 3 T’S Guide Service. Bass is slow due to daylight saving time mode. Surface water baiting in the morning and evening and punching the lawn with critter baits can be productive. Very close lines! Reporting by Olin Jensen, Jensen Directory Service.

Panhandle / Plains

Alan Henry

justice. clear water; 81 degrees; 4.63 feet below the pool. Crappie are fair in the water at depths of 15-25 feet using minnows suspended high above the trees. Reporting from The Pet Shop, Post, Texas.


good. The water is lightly stained. 82 degrees; 7.83 feet below the pool. Fishing patterns will remain similar until the water temperature begins to drop. Catfish still do well in the main lake where they drift with fresh shade cuts. Reporting by Brandon Brown, Brown Directory Service.


good. Regular water stain. 85 degrees 10.68 feet below the pool. Bass are good at handling plastic worms. Catfish are good at cutting baits. good. A report from Lake Cisco Rentals.


slow. Slightly stained. 85-87 degrees; 7.96 feet under the pool. Fishing patterns will remain similar until the water temperature begins to drop. Bass are good in the morning and evening in deeper water and around the docks. Hybrids are schooled and can be caught using a bell trap or surface water. Few reports on crappie.

foot. Phantom Hill

slow. stained with water; 87-89 degrees. 6.01 feet under the pool. Fishing patterns will remain similar until the water temperature begins to drop. Hybrids are good at vertical jumping. The white bass marks the windswept areas biting the rooster’s tail. Bass can be caught on the rocks early in the morning with top water. Blue catfish can be caught drifting with live bait or shade.

Hubbard Creek

justice. stained with water; 85-88 degrees; 10.81 feet below the pool. Summer fishing patterns are similar with no change in the Texas heat. White bass should have education in the bays. When the water is calm, scan the lake to find it. Some hydrillas are found near the boat ramps, so use cinco or surface waters for bass, or fish in deeper waters with Carolina rigs or deep sinking baits.

Millers Creek

justice. stained with water; 85 degrees 8.50 feet below the pool. Fishing patterns will remain similar until the water temperature begins to drop. The bass is slow in the surface waters early in the morning, then on the soft plastic falling waters. The white bass is a fair board troll. Blue catfish and catfish are suitable for cut bait. Crappie are found on submerged structures with minnows and jigs.


good. The water is a little muddy. 85 degrees. 0.57 feet below the pool. Hunting patterns are fixed. Bass is fair on white chatter or flipping the soft plastic of the reeds in 1-3 feet of water. Crappie is good around the boat docks on painted dances. Catfish are good at using cut baits and stink baits around a dam. Report submitted by the Angelo State Hunting Team.

OC Fisher

slow. stained with water; 87 degrees; 50.13 feet below the pool. A few reports of fishermen fishing due to the low level of the lake.

Hey Evie

good. stained with water; 85-89 degrees; 27.96 feet below the pool. White seabass is suitable for live or plastic bait. Crappie fair on live bait or jigs. Largemouth bass fair. Fair catfish. Navigate carefully as the lake level drops, and watch for exposed trees along the canal. Reporting from Concho Park and Marina.
Possum kingdom

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