Texas fishing report for November 18th

Texas fishing report for November 18th

Here is the latest fishing report as provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife dated November 18. If there are any sites not included that you would like to see included, please email your requests to sports@mrt.com.


good. Plain water stain. 68 degrees; 54.08 feet below the pool. Largemouth bass are good on topwater crankbaits, frogs, and spinnerbaits in water 3-15 feet deep on grassy banks and rocks. White bass are good in water 25 to 50 feet deep in main lake channels and larger bays chasing bait balls under birds. Best lures, jigs, Lil’ George, rattle traps, colored lures, and spoons. The charts are slow and should become active within a few weeks. Main river channels and edges. Follow the bait. Very close lines! Report by Captain Raul Cordero, Far West Guide Service.

Panhandle/Plains region

Alan Henry

good. The water is clear; 64 degrees; 2.92 feet under the pool. Crappie are fair in 30-40 feet of water. Report from The Pet Shop, Post, Texas.


good. Water is lightly stained. 63 degrees; 8.45 feet below the pool. Fishing patterns are fixed. Blue catfish are good when cut fresh in 2-10 feet of water. Crappie fishing is good in brush piles and near oil derricks. Bass are good on windswept points using crankbaits and lipless chatter baits. Report by Brandon Brown, Brown’s Guide Service.


justice. The water is slightly stained. 60 degrees 11.35 feet below the pool. The clarity of the water is muddy. Crappie are good on minnows in 7 feet of water. Catfish and bass are hitting perch and minnows. Report from Cisco Lake Rentals.


slow. stained with water; 63-68 degrees. 8.80 feet below the pool. Bass are up to 3 pounds on golden cherry F6 Hags, black/blue baits and green pumpkin tipped jigs Hags Undertaker Jr. Crappie up to 1.00 pounds are suspended in 10-12 feet of water around trees and docks on minnows. White and hybrid bass are slow.

foot. Phantom Hill

good. stained with water; 68 degrees; 5.90 feet under the pool. Reports of good fishing for hybrid shad and shad. Largemouth bass are good on Texas rigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits on rocky points. Crappie are slow, but can be caught on jigs and live-baited catfish can be caught drifting on cut bait and slot bait. Sand and hybrid bass are good on slabs and minnows, trolling or drifting. Catfish are good, drifting or casting live bait, cut bait or stinkbait.

Green belt

good. Plain water stain. 68 degrees; 46.95 feet below the pool. Catfish are biting nightcrawlers and minnows. Expect the catfish bite to improve with the cooler weather. Check the condition of the ramp before heading out. Bass and crappie are good throughout the lake. Report by Greenbelt Lakeside Marina.

Hubbard Creek

good. stained with water; 68 degrees; 11.56 feet below the pool. Largemouth bass are good on Texas jigs and crankbaits. Crappie are good on live bait and jigs on brush piles on points. Catfish can be caught using cut shad or holebait at the mouths of creeks. Sand bass are silver or gold jigs, crank baits and crappie gear. Report by Camron Wilkerson, Cameron’s Crappie Quality Guide. The bass population is really good with quality fish near the dam.


good. stained with water; 59 degrees; 45.33 feet below the pool. Bass are fair on minnows and artificials. Catfish are suitable for crawlers, minnows, chicken livers and frozen shad. Crappie are fair on artificial baits and minnows. White bass are excellent all day long on minnows, slabs, or any vertical presentations. Many limits have been caught using a drop shot or vertically jigging minnows. Trout are slow to take hard baits, minnows, worms, small spinners, and flies. Walleye border are good using minnows, grubs and blade baits. Please be safe out there, and watch the weather reports. Good luck finding your next hunt. Life jackets save lives. Report by Kenneth Wysong, Sharkins Honey Hole.

Millers Creek

justice. stained with water; 65 degrees 8.85 feet below the pool. Due to low lake levels, there are few anglers on the water. Catfish are slow on juglines. Bass are fair on main lake shorelines, rocks, ledges and soft plastic points.


good. The water is slightly stained. 65 degrees. 0.44 feet below the pool. Bass are fair on white chatter or flipping soft plastics in the reeds in 1-3 feet of water. Bass are holding on to shad, so white moving baits and topwaters are key. Crappie were good around the boat docks on striped jigs and catfish were good on cut bait and stinkbaits around the dam. Report submitted by Angelo State Fishing Team.

OC Fisher

slow. stained with water; 60 degrees 50.74 feet below the pool. Few reports of fishermen fishing due to low lake levels.

Hey Evie

justice. stained with water; 60 degrees 29.61 feet below the pool. White bass are both live baits and plastic baits. Crappie, good live bait or jigs. Largemouth bass are good in shallow water and the cool water temperatures keep the fish moving. As the lake level drops, be careful of the trees. Reporting from Concho Park and Marina.

Oak, stream

slow. Water is lightly stained. 70 degrees 15.46 feet below the pool. Stable weather Best fishing on southern winds. Fishing has been slow due to the weather with very few reports and anglers in the lake. Some reports of smallmouth bass being caught near the docks with colorful pumpkin seed worms. There are no reports or sightings of crappie. Launching may be difficult due to low water levels, so check the condition of the ramp before heading out. The Sportsman’s Lodge boat ramp is closed for the remainder of the year. Report by Randall Pate, Athletic Inn. Reports of catches of catfish and some catches of crappie. The Live Oak Lodge boat ramp is still accessible. Report from Live Oak Lodge.

Possum Kingdom

justice. The water is clear; 64 degrees; 1.65 feet below the pool. Striper is good and live bait is still king. The fish are a bit scattered but schools can be found in 20-40 feet of water. Sand bass are fair using small live shad, and small jigs with plastic swim tails are good to try. Some can also be caught trolling crankbaits diving 10 to 15 feet in 30 to 40 feet of water. Chartreuse, white and silver are good colors. Catfish are good using cut and live shad in water 5-20 feet deep. Some fish are caught using jug lines. Water clarity is consistent at 4-8 feet visibility. Report by TJ Ranft, Ranft Guide Service.


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