Taking a daily multivitamin can prevent cognitive decline as we age, third study shows

Taking a daily multivitamin can prevent cognitive decline as we age, third study shows

Researchers found that those who took a daily multivitamin improved their memory and slowed cognitive aging for two years.

The Mass General Brigham team says their research “confirms consistent and statistically significant benefits” of taking a daily multivitamin versus placebo for both memory and global cognition.

First author Chirag Vyas, a founding member of the research group, said: “A meta-analysis of three separate cognitive studies provides strong and consistent evidence that taking a daily multivitamin, which contains more than 20 essential micronutrients, helps prevent memory loss and slow aging.” Cognitive. Brigham Comprehensive Health Care System.

The team analyzed data from the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) — a meta-analysis of 5,000 participants — and also gathered 573 participants and had them undergo in-person, detailed cognitive assessments over two years.

Some participants took daily vitamin supplements during this time, while others took placebo pills.

The researchers found that those who took the multivitamin had better global cognition and episodic memory than those who took the placebo. Taking the multivitamin slowed cognitive aging by two years. No effect on executive function or executive attention was observed.

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“Cognitive decline is among the top health concerns for most older adults, and daily multivitamin supplementation has the potential to be an attractive and accessible approach to slowing cognitive aging,” Vyas said.

“These findings will be of interest to many older adults who are understandably very interested in ways to maintain brain health, as they provide evidence for the role of a daily multivitamin,” added Olivia Okereke, MD, director of Geriatric Psychiatry and senior author of the study. To better support cognitive aging.

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The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this week, also highlights that this is the third COSMOS trial that has praised daily multivitamins in this way, adding further weight to the findings.

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that many future aging adults will be at increased risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease unless interventions help preserve cognitive function before deficits begin.

Dr Joan Manson, who led the overall COSMOS trial, said the findings from these three separate placebo-controlled studies were very “exciting”.

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“It also supports the promise of multivitamins as a safe, accessible and affordable approach to protecting cognitive health in older adults.”

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