I am heading in to my third year after divorce. I have done my share of soul-searching, taken a long hard look at myself and the role I play in the inability of keeping a long-term relationship. One of the things I have turned up under foot is that I tend to want to rescue … More RESCUE ME

Dating backwards

How do you date backwards? It’s a question I have been asking myself for the last year now, Who thinks like that?  I do, so here is my question explained. When I was young I dated like this: I saw a boy, a cute boy of course- my kind of cute, probably not yours.   … More Dating backwards


When I was married the second time ( yep, I am the try try again girl),my favorite day and time of the week was Sunday Morning.   I always woke up before my husband , sat on my deck and watched the sun come up.  After he woke up , both of us still in … More Sundays