The following report was submitted by Bryant Spielman, WDFW

Preliminary sampling summary of the Washington-Columbia River and its tributaries for September 11-17, 2023.

Lower Columbia River, Rocky Point/Tong Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam – There were 967 salmon boats and 272 Washington Bank rods counted during Saturday’s (9/16) trip count.

Main Columbia River

Kenny Howard carries a Chinook that went down over the weekend in Lower Columbia. (knife photo contest)


1 second (Bonneville) – 74 bank anglers kept 11 chinook, two chinook, and released three chinook. The 11 boats/24 rods kept eight chinook, one plug chinook, and one released chinook.

Second 2 (Camas/Washougal) – 123 boats/295 rods Retained 129 Chinook, nine Chinook Jacks, and seven Coho Jacks, released 11 Chinook, one Chinook Jack, and five Coho Jacks.

Second 3 (I-5 area) – 14 Boats/31 Rods Retained nine Chinook, two Chinook, three Coho, and released four Chinook and one Coho.

Second 4 (Vancouver) – 132 bank anglers kept 26 Chinook. 83 Boats/182 Rods Retained 99 chinook, six chinook and 10 coho and released seven chinook and four coho.

sec 5 (forest) – One boat/2 rods without fishing.

Second 6 (speech) – 77 bank anglers kept 16 chinook, 1 coho, and released 2 chinook. The 12 boats/31 rods kept five chinook and released one coho.

sec 7 (coletes) – 9 boats/20 rods I kept six Chinook and released one Coho.

Second 8 (Longview) – 14 bank fishermen had no catch. 16 boats/37 rods kept seven chinook and one coho.

Second 9 (Cathlamite) – Six bank fishermen had no catch. 35 Boats/72 Rods I retained seven Chinook, one Jack Chinook, and six Coho, and released three Coho and one Jack Coho.

Diana Homola shows off her first coho, spawning fishing on the North Fork Lewis River earlier this month. (knife photo contest)

Tributaries of the Columbia River


Cowlitz River I-5 Br downstream – 47 Bank Rods kept two coho and a jack coho and released two chinook, one coho and one steelhead. 5 boats/13 rods and three coho were released.

Cowlitz River above I-5 Br – 25 banked rod I kept two steelhead and launched two Chinook and one plug Chinook. 1 boat/3 rod Chinook launched.

Kalama River – There is no report.

Lewis River – Seven bank rods released three Chinook. 7 boats/13 rods held three coho and two coho and released three chinook and three coho.

Wind River – Three bank rods had no catch. 7 boats/17 rods kept one chinook and four coho and released four chinook and two coho.

Lake Drano – There was not a single bank rod. 49 Boats/148 Rods Retained 57 chinook, two chinook, and three coho, and released 29 chinook, three coho, and one steelhead.

Klickitat River below Fisher Hill Bridge – 13 bank bars held three chinook.

Klickitat River above Fish Pass No. 5 – There is no report.

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