Stunning aerial photos show Phil Spector’s house where he shot Lana Clarkson dead is now available for weddings.

Stunning aerial photos show Phil Spector’s house where he shot Lana Clarkson dead is now available for weddings.

PHIL Spector’s notorious murder mansion has been converted into a wedding venue that is rented out for upscale events.

The disgraced music legend’s former Pyrenees castle home in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley has been completely renovated and renamed Wrensmoor.

New aerial photos of Phil Spector’s notorious murder mansion show how the property has been completely renovated into an upscale events venueCredit: Jeff Reiner/Coleman Reiner
Music producer Phil Spector was convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson at his Los Angeles mansion in 2003.Credit: Getty
Lana Clarkson was 40 years old when she was found lying in a chair in the Spector lobby with a gunshot wound to the mouth.Credit: Reuters

Wall of Sound producer Spector murdered actress Lana Clarkson in the lobby of his Alhambra residence by shooting her in the mouth with a handgun in 2003.

In 2009, he was sentenced to 19 years in prison, where he died at the age of 81 in January 2021.

After his death, the property was inherited by his ex-wife, Rachel Short, who sold it for $3.3 million.

The 10-bedroom, 10,590-square-foot hilltop mansion is now being advertised as “perfect for weddings, family reunions, group travel, corporate events, retreats, and more.”

It includes modern amenities like a gourmet kitchen, fitness center and large ballroom, and costs about $2,700 to rent for one night.

Aerial photos obtained exclusively by The US Sun show how the mansion has been spruced up since it was sold.

Cordelia Culver, who is renting the property from the new owner and renting it out, told The US Sun that Spector’s ex-girlfriend had already had the blood-stained red carpet in the lobby removed before the property was sold.

“When we arrived, the entire hallway was tiled,” she said.

“I think some people who are renting the property know what happened and some don’t.

“We are not ashamed of history but we are also not trying to glorify it in any way.

“It’s tragic, and even though it happened 20 years ago, I’m sure her family doesn’t feel that way. It’s really terrible.”

“My interest is in this house that was built in 1925.

“There aren’t a lot of great, original properties left in Los Angeles.

“I choose not to believe that the house is the sum of its worst moments.

“Our interest is to make people enjoy the property and the view and have happy moments in their lives.”

Phil Spector bought Pyrenees Castle in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley in 1998 for $1.1 million.Credit: Jeff Reiner/Coleman Reiner
The property is now being offered for “weddings, family reunions, group travel, corporate events, retreats, and more.”Credit: Wornsmoor
The current tenant explained how the foyer where Lana Clarkson died was transformed with a hand-painted mural depicting sheep grazing.Credit: Wornsmoor

Spector — who produced music for superstars including The Beatles, Ike and Tina Turner, The Ronettes, The Righteous Brothers, and The Ramones during his glittering career — originally purchased the property in 1998 for $1.1 million.

He met Clarkson, 40, at the House of Blues bar in West Hollywood in the early hours of February 3, 2003, and drove home with her.

Later that morning, Clarkson was found lying in a chair in the lobby area with a gunshot wound to her mouth and broken teeth scattered on the carpet.

Spector’s driver said the record producer came out of the house holding a gun and said, “I think I killed someone.”

Through a series of bizarre wigs in court, Spector was first tried for Clarkson’s murder in 2007 but a mistrial was declared due to a hung jury.

Prosecutors said Spector had a history of violence toward women and killed Clarkson in a rage, while his defense team claimed her death was an accident and that he was not responsible.

Spector was tried again for second-degree murder in October 2008 and convicted in April of the following year.

In 2006, Spector married his third wife, Rachel Short — who was 26 at the time — while out on bail awaiting trial.

The couple split in 2018 after Spector cited irreconcilable differences.

He died in hospital in January 2021 after contracting Covid, but was eligible for parole this year.

Cordelia explained that although his property was architecturally unchanged, she decided to give it a new name to help make sure there was nothing to remind people of Spector’s heinous crime.

“The reason I changed the name was because it had this association. When I looked at the Pyrenees castle, the first thing that came up was Phil Spector,” she said.

“It wasn’t going well and needed to be rebranded and reborn.

“Over the decades, the property has had different names. Originally it was referred to as ‘The House on the Hill,’ which I think sounds creepy.”

“That was because it was the only thing there when the property was built, and there was no other housing around it.

“The family that built it owned or leased all the surrounding land for sheep grazing, which is why we commissioned a very beautiful hand-painted mural in the entrance that depicts that time period with sheep grazing.

“There was also a big chair in the hallway where she was found on the floor. It was horrible, so we made sure there wasn’t a big chair in there.”

Wrensmoor is a 10-bedroom, 10,590 square foot gated estate located in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley.Credit: Jeff Reiner/Coleman Reiner
Phil Spector wore a bizarre wig to court when he stood trial for the murder of Lana ClarksonCredit: AP
Phil Spector’s ex-wife Rachel Short, pictured in July 2020, sold the property for $3.3 million in 2021.Credit: Jeff Reiner/Coleman Reiner

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