While most of the traits you can choose for your character in Starfield do not preclude you from choosing another trait, this is not the case with Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal. Both give your character a religious background as well as access to some useful bonuses, but choosing one means you won’t be able to get the other. As a result, you will have to choose between them.

If you are wondering what are the differences between each theme and if one is better than the other, then look no further than this guide. Below you’ll find an overview of all the benefits each trait has for you, including stat bonuses and bonus items. I’ve also given my personal recommendation, although in the end, you should choose the option that seems to work best for you You.

Enlightened Uplifted or Universal: Which Should You Choose?

The settler’s coat was obtained from the chest in the House of the Illuminati. (Image credit: Windows Central)

While both Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal are excellent traits worth considering when creating your Starfield character, you’ll likely have a preference for one or the other depending on what kind of playstyle you prefer and/or your taste in fashion. This is because each of these traits gives you a unique stat bonus and also provides access to a chest containing an outfit and some other useful items.

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