Starfield Player digitally creates a 6,000-piece LEGO map of the city of New Atlantis

A custom Starfield player built a digital LEGO model of New Atlantis from 6,000 individual pieces, with some social media users joking that they might use the reconstruction to help navigate the city in the absence of an actual minimap.

“I couldn’t help myself and instead of playing Starfield, I immediately ended up rebuilding New Atlantis after about 50 hours and 6,000 blocks, here’s the result,” reads a post from Taris120_BuildsShow his creation.

The miniature architect used LEGO digital building software Bricklink Studio to capture the iconic sloped design of the MAST building, while also getting the locations of key buildings like the Pioneer and Orion Towers, and even the New Atlantis transportation system right.

Despite the large scope of the theme, Taris120_Builds also managed to focus on including specific details, such as the location of the greenery, the height of the star port, and the number of landing pads. Unfortunately, Constellation Lodge appears to fall outside the bounds of a LEGO rebuild.

The lack of a mini-map to explore has been a point of contention among some Starfield players who are used to the quality of life feature. Naturally, the appearance of the digital block map is the perfect opportunity for Redditors to mock what they saw as a glaring design omission from Bethesda.

“The long-awaited new map of Atlantis. Now I finally understand how it works.” Chemicalroyal5909 said in the comments of a Reddit post showing the reconstruction. “Better than any map they gave us…” Bored_guy_in_DC wrote, while jscne21 added her voice to the chorus of exasperation, “Finally a good map.”

Others were quick to show their appreciation for the build, with user Lizard1995 saying: “You deserve a first-class citizenship rating for this.” Meanwhile, ShikariV said, “It’s amazing that I would empty my wallet if this were a real group.”

Before the space RPG was released, Todd Howard revealed that New Atlantis was the largest city Bethesda had ever built. “This is the most complete view of New Atlantis I’ve ever seen,” said Reddit user fitty50two2. “I didn’t realize the spaceport was on a different level than the rest of the city.” “And that puts everything in perspective.”

Be sure to check out IGN’s interactive maps of New Atlantis, Akila City, Neon, and more to make the most of your time with Starfield.

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