Sources say package delays affecting a sorting facility in Missouri City are now affecting a distribution center in north Houston

Sources say package delays affecting a sorting facility in Missouri City are now affecting a distribution center in north Houston

Over the past few weeks, USPS told KPRC 2 that the reason for package delays at the Missouri City sorting facility is because the postal service is in the process of updating its mail system.

Viewers told KPRC 2’s Curly Bell that their packages were also stuck at the north Houston facility.

Small business owner Axel Riker said he had hundreds of packages stuck inside that facility.

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“We have confirmed that there are at least 600-800 packages in there now. They have been sitting around for the past two weeks,” Riker said.

Ricker said he stops by the facility almost every day, hoping the packages he ships will reach customers. He said the inside of the facility was a mess.

USPS mail behind the scenes (KPRC2)

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“When you walk into the loading dock where all the carriers are delivering the mail, there’s an enormous amount of packages piling up, envelopes falling to the ground, stacked more than six feet high, and it’s very difficult to get around to maneuver.” Riker said.

USPS mail behind the scenes (KPRC2)

Sources told KPRC 2 that USPS brought trucks full of mail from the Missouri City facility to the north Houston facility to help with backup. The move appears to have made matters worse for the north Houston facility.

Ryker said the delay cost his company more than $10,000. If his packages don’t ship soon, Ryker said his company may have to stop online orders.

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KPRC 2 has reached out to USPS several times over the past few weeks, asking when the issue will be resolved. They did not say how long it could take.

USPS mail behind the scenes (KPRC2)

USPS said they are working to resolve the issues and encourage anyone with delayed packages to reach out. They sent the following statement:

As part of its 10-year Delivering for America plan, the Postal Service is modernizing our mail and package processing network. Over the course of decades, our legacy network has caused significant financial losses, increased deferred maintenance costs, deteriorated workplace conditions for our employees, and failed to efficiently integrate mail and package processing and delivery. Transforming our network is essential and fundamental to our continued existence as an organization and service to the American people and our business clients.

In the Houston area, network modifications are still ongoing. We have begun the complex transition of the North Houston Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) to the Regional Processing and Distribution Center (RPDC). Under our 10-year plan, we are consolidating and centralizing mail processing operations into approximately 60 new RPDCs nationwide over the coming years, which will handle original mail and all package processing. Many RPDCs, such as North Houston, will be developed from existing postal facilities. The entire USPS geography is evaluated to determine the most appropriate mix of facilities within each regional ecosystem.

The new RPDCs will allow USPS to better utilize resources – including space, staffing, processing and transportation equipment – ​​to take advantage of the latest technologies that process mail and packages more efficiently, while creating brighter, cleaner, more modern workplaces for postal employees.

As part of our network transition, we are also setting up Local Processing Centers (LPC) across the country. The Missouri City, TX facility is designated as South Houston LPC. Almost all LPCs will be developed from existing postal facilities. It is expected that up to 180 stand-alone LPCs will be opened in the next few years. The LDC will process the destination mail and transport the mail and packages to delivery. LPCs will be modernized with standardized workflow designs and improved processes, with benefits similar to RPDCs, including repositioning machines to improve mail flow, removing obstructions from the workroom floor, improving overall visibility (e.g., lighting), and improving performance. General staff. Regions.

This process, as with any such transformation, takes time. The Postal Service will comply with all legal, legislative, contractual and regulatory requirements as the network continues to modernize in the coming years.

As with any transition, some temporary and unintended disruptions may occur. We are taking steps to ensure parcels are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and we apologize to any customers who may have problems with the delivery of their goods. We strongly encourage customers with concerns to contact us either online or via our toll-free number. When customers reach out, they can provide vital details to our customer service staff. Each case will be assigned a number, allowing the Postal Service to fully research the situation and provide an appropriate solution to our customers. Customers can call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), or visit our website at

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