Sonos says the Move 2 can play music for 24 hours on a single charge

Like its predecessor, the Sonos Move 2 is IP58 rated to handle outside disturbances.
picture: Sonos

Sonos has unveiled the second generation of its portable Bluetooth speaker. the Sonos Move 2 It arrives September 20th and promises 24 hours of playback before ordering ships.

The Move 2 is already more affordable out of the gate than when it is predecessor It was launched in 2019, however Specifications list It makes her look better equipped. For $450, you get stereo sound, which the first-generation Move didn’t offer, plus a day of playback, up from 11 hours. The Move 2 remains IP56 water and dust resistant, so you can take this vehicle camping or in the backyard. Like the rest of the Sonos lineup, the Move 2 features wifi and Bluetooth and works with Sonos voice assistant for playback control or Amazon Alexa for smart home commands. The speaker comes in three colors: black, white, and a new olive color. It’s on sale later this month.

Sonos has been on a year-long journey to update its lineup. Earlier this year, she launched her website Apple HomePod rival, Sonos Era 100 and Era 300which we has been reviewed And I enjoyed her bassy voice that filled the room. Like the Era speakers, the Move 2 offers a USB-C port for using a 3.5mm audio source or connecting to a computer. ethernet.

the Move 2 It continues with Sonos’ tradition of Trueplay, which uses built-in microphones to help optimize the sound being played in relation to the environment it’s in. And in our experience, it actually works – it sounds good enough Era 300 The speaker outperformed the second generation Apple HomePod in a stereo pair. It will be interesting to see if the Sonos Move 2 can carry the torch and how it competes with some of the cheaper portable Bluetooth players. The upside to sticking with the Sonos ecosystem is that its app is more configurable than what Apple and even Google offer with their respective smart speaker stands.

Photo of a Sonos Move 2 tricolor

The Sonos Move 2 comes in black, white, and a new earthy olive color.
picture: Sonos

Speaking of Google, the only downside to the Sonos ecosystem is that it’s limited to the family that uses Apple. Sure, you can use the Sonos app with your Android device, but it doesn’t provide access to Google casting, and the only third-party Sonos supports is Apple’s AirPlay. It takes a lot of work around trying to pair the stereo with Google devices, and even that doesn’t guarantee access to Trueplay, which is why you might choose Sonos over other devices. Sonos is also not supported google assistant.

Continuing the relative sustainability promise of its sister products, the moves 2 It has a replaceable battery, so it can easily be replaced if it doesn’t hold a charge or for any other reason.

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