Snoop Dogg has sued Walmart and Post, claiming they vandalized cereal brands

Snoop Dogg has sued Walmart and Post, claiming they vandalized cereal brands

Walmart and Post Consumer Brands undermined the cereal brands created by Snoop Dogg and Master P by making them unaffordable and keeping them hidden in warehouse stores, a lawsuit filed by the rapper alleges.

Post agreed to produce and distribute Snoop Cereal and Momma Snoop under false pretenses after the rapper rejected the retail giant’s offer to buy their entire company, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday by Broadus Foods. The cereal brand was founded by Calvin Broadus, also known as Snoop Dogg, and No Limit Records founder Percy Miller, known as Master P, to pass it down to their children.

After entering into a profit-sharing agreement to manufacture and distribute the cereal, the pair found that “Post was not committed to their goals and dreams and had no intention of treating Snoop Cereal as an equal with its brands,” the rapper stated on their own page. The complaint is filed in Dakota County District Court in Minnesota, where Post is headquartered.

“Post has guaranteed that Snoop Cereal will not be available to consumers or that it will incur exorbitant costs that will eliminate any profit for Broadus Foods,” the complaint states.

Walmart and Post Consumer Brands undermined cereal brands created by Snoop Dogg and Master P, a lawsuit filed by the rapper.

Produs Brands

The cereal launched in Walmart stores in July 2023, then disappeared from many stores within months, according to the duo.

“Several Walmart stores showed online and in the in-store Walmart employee app that Snoop Cereal was sold out or out of stock,” the complaint states. “However, upon further investigation by store employees, each of these stores had several boxes of Snoop cereal in their warehouses that were coded so that they were not placed on store shelves.”

The decision to price the cereal at more than $10 a box also conflicts with Broadus Foods’ goal of offering affordable food, the rappers, who are represented by Los Angeles attorney Ben Crump, claimed.

“Snoop Dogg and Master P founded Broadus Foods with the goal of creating a family-owned company that promotes diversity in the food industry and provides opportunities for minority-owned products,” Crump said Tuesday in a statement. “Broadus Foods aims to inspire economic empowerment among minorities and contribute to charitable causes that address hunger and homelessness.”

Post “allegedly sabotaged Snoop Cereal’s success by preventing him from reaching consumers through deceptive practices,” Crump added.

The publication did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Walmart values ​​our relationships with our suppliers, and we have a strong history of supporting entrepreneurs. Many factors impact sales of any given product, including consumer demand, seasonality, and price to name a few. We will respond as appropriate with the court as soon as We received the complaint.

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