Something we did a lot this year was go fishing.

I never thought I’d say it about myself because I really have the shortest attention span when it comes to fishing and I’m not sure how anyone would have the patience to take me along. One thing that always attracts me is the promise of spending time outdoors, somewhere beautiful and perhaps somewhere I’ve never been before. Last weekend, we were lucky enough to spend a few days fishing in West Virginia, and despite all the bad rap it gets, it never fails to be absolutely fantastic.

At this point, we’ve been to West Virginia several times, and it has that home feeling even when going for the first time. There’s something about spending a weekend in the woods, or on a farm, or just with people who welcome us with open arms, that has made trips to West Virginia one of our favorites. We’re counting down the days until we get back to the food we don’t normally get, the sights we can’t get enough of, the time we spend with minimal internet connectivity, we can just turn off our brains and as we like to say, “be country boys.”

When we went last weekend, our family in WV booked a cabin at Smoke Hole and took us to Seneca and Eagle Rocks. Even though we didn’t have the time to do the hiking we wanted to do – between the rain and time spent fishing – we still got to experience some amazing views. We fished under Eagle Rock, and if you haven’t experienced the clear waters there yet, I’d have to say you’re missing out. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and refreshing the water was, so much so that we happily waded barefoot to fish the deep spots in the creek.

One of our favorite traditions is to stop at a hole in the wall for lunch, especially if there is a sign on the building offering hot dogs. On our way to the fishing spot, we stopped to get some bait, and met a young mama and a small shack that had snacks, drinks, and some local art for sale. When we left, we noticed the “homemade sausage and chili sign” on the door and on our way back to the cabin after four hours of fishing we stopped for a hot dog and a cold soda. The homemade chili had a sweet heat and the hot dog was the kind of satisfying food that only bad for you but good for the soul can bring after early mornings and hours spent outside.

As we sat in the rocking chairs on the store’s front porch, enjoying a little afternoon warmth before another storm rolled in, I couldn’t help but enjoy the joy that a simple hot dog and sunshine can bring to the soul. We spent our three days fishing, playing in the rain, and catching up with our family. It made returning to reality difficult but we came with a fresh mind and high spirits.

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