Sierra Space’s cool new space plane is taking the fight to SpaceX

Sierra Space’s cool new space plane is taking the fight to SpaceX

The private race to space currently involves two main parties: SpaceX, which is backed by Elon Muskwhich regularly transports supplies and Satellites about NASAand the Blue Origin is funded by Jeff Bezos, the space travel agent of choice for the rich and famous. Now, a third private spaceflight company is almost ready to take to the skies, and its choice of spaceship has been brilliant.

A photo of the Tenacity spaceplane during testing.

Imagine, persevere!
picture: Dustin Franz/AFP (Getty Images)

Sierra Space was quietly working in the background on its own means of transporting people and cargo into space. Future reports. To do this, the Tenacity spaceplane was created, the first space-ready aircraft A copy of the Dream Chaser ship Which was revealed in 2015.

Seems perseverance Straight from the movie “Interstellar”,“It features twin engines at the back, some aerodynamic-looking wings and a black-and-white aesthetic directly inspired by NASA’s original space shuttle. Basically, it looks sleek.

However, the craft you see here is much more than just a model. Instead, it is a fully formed ship about to undergo a final test before taking to the skies. The 55-foot-long vehicle must prove it is designed to withstand the forces of a launch atop United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket, as well as glide back to Earth after completing its mission. Future reports:

“All the testing we’ve done over the last six years, plus the developmental testing, all the autonomy and aerodynamics — the remaining testing is the environmental testing of what the vehicle will see on the launch pad during the Vulcan flight,” Sierra Space CEO Tom Weiss told reporters during the event last week. reported.

“The test is related to simulating the space environment and the vacuum of space; “This will be done in a thermal vacuum chamber,” he added.

Image of the Tenacity panel on a spaceship.

what’s in a name?
picture: Helen Richardson/MediaNews Group/Denver Post (Getty Images)

If the vehicle passes all these tests, the next stage of its development will be unmanned Mission to the International Space Station. There’s no set date for that yet, but Futurism reports that Sierra Space is targeting a launch to the International Space Station “in the first half of this year.”

After that, the sky is far from the limit for this adorable little spacecraft. It could join the ranks of SpaceX and Blue Origin in managing missions for NASA, and it could also play a key role in… Building new space stations Floating above the ground.

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