Shuhei Ohtani’s important unanswered question, Julio Ureas has been caught

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Julio Ureas was arrested over the weekend, Shuhei Ohtani’s agent spoke about the star’s future, and Jason Dominguez and the twins (maybe) make for a few believers? I’m Levi Weaver, here with Ken Rosenthal – welcome to Windup.

The arrest of Julio Urillas

Julio Llorías was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of felony physical injury to his wife, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. He was released on $50,000 bond and has a court date on September 27.

The Dodgers fired A.J Short statement on Twitter Saying that they are aware of the incident and that Yurias will not be traveling with the team while the information is being gathered. A major league source confirmed that Major League Baseball is investigating the incident the athlete.

This was not the first domestic violence case that Uriah had faced. In 2019, Uriah was suspended 20 matches under the Common Domestic Violence Policy. In that incident, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery but was ultimately not charged.

However, the suspension was imposed, as players do not have to be formally charged for carrying out the suspension under league policy. The Dodgers have 26 games left in the 2023 season.

This is, of course, a baseball newsletter. But to be honest, it seems a bit sickening to be talking about the baseball angle. The most important part of this story is the health and well-being of his partner. For now, we don’t have details, and it would be irresponsible to speculate. It’s just a sad case.

ken notebook: When might Shuhei Ohtani return?

Quoted from my last column:

I wrote on Friday that, in the absence of any explanation from Shuhei Ohtani and his agent Nez Balilo, there was only speculation about the duo’s torn Champions League.

Three days later, Balilo made his first public comments on Ohtani’s injury, acknowledging that it was “inevitably” his client would need some sort of procedure and adding that Ohtani would be “in someone’s squad next year when the bell rings”.

Go deep

Shuhei Ohtani’s agent breaks silence on injury, discusses future: full transcript

Consider this a clear message to potential Ohtani suitors in free agency that he intends to be available at the start of his next contract. But how Ohtani will get from Point A (his actions) to Point B (his upcoming Opening Day 2024 lineup) remains an open question. And he may not know the answer until Ohtani’s surgeon opens his elbow and determines precisely what type of procedure he needs.

Thanks to an unrelated development on Monday — Ohtani was scratched from the Angels’ lineup with a tight right slapper — his decision schedule may soon accelerate. This move has been described as precautionary, but the oblique movements are known to be very difficult.

As much as Ohtani would like to polish his historic season, the oblique problem may give him reason to undergo elbow surgery sooner rather than later. In this way, he can begin his rehabilitation process.

Balilo said Ohtani’s tear was in a different location than the one that first injured Tommy John in 2018. Regardless, according to multiple baseball medical sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not involved in his care, the most likely outcome for Ohtani is a procedure. A relatively new hybrid that includes elbow ligament reconstruction and an internal brace. For a pitcher, recovery generally takes 14 to 16 months. But Ohtani’s return as a batsman in six months’ time probably wouldn’t be out of the question.

This much we know: Ohtani needs action, and plans to be in the Opening Day squad next season. However, much remains to be determined: when he will have the procedure, what type of surgery he will need, and whether the schedule for a return as a hitter is realistic. Then there’s the bigger issue – how teams will view it in free agency.

Jason Dominguez’s big splash: Post the blueprints so we can get started…

Jason Domínguez runs to first after hitting a home run against the Astros. (Troy Taormina/USA Today)

It was one of the most anticipated Yankees call-ups in recent memory, and Jason Dominguez didn’t disappoint. In his first inning in his first big-league game – facing Justin Verlander, no less – the 20-year-old pitched to give the Yankees a 3-0 halftime lead against the Astros. The Yankees went on to sweep the Series, and while Dominguez went just 3-for-13 (. 231 batting average), two of his three hits were home runs, giving him a 0.923 OPS after three big-league games.

Brendan Cotey has a story about how rising to the occasion is nothing new for Dominguez and another that provides context for how he and other Yankees rookies handled the future of a team that had a deeply disappointing 2023 season.

Next month, it’s time for Bronx fans to embrace the future, with Dominguez, Austin Wells, Anthony Volpe, Iverson Pereira, Oswald Peraza and Johnny Brito — not to mention sophomores like Ben Rortvedt, who thrives in his role as Gerrit Cole’s personal catcher as Cole tries to win his first Cy. Young in his career (he’s finished in the top 10 in six different occasions).

With the playoff picture still in focus and more teams finding themselves on the outside looking for it, it’s not just the Yankees who are taking a look at their big-league prospects before making offseason decisions. Melissa Lockard has a bunch of recent appearances.

Minnesota Twins Offense Awakening?: Shower me with some change

It was June 21 when the headline on this flyer read: “The Minnesota Twins are in first place. They also disappoint.”

Let’s put this caveat in: As of August 10, the twins are 9-12 years old. They are not the rookie Seattle Mariners, Dodgers, Braves, or the dominant Orioles. But they’re still holding out there, they’re still #1 in the AL Central, and they’ve recently had winning streaks against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Texas Rangers (twice).

Much of the success can be attributed to the team’s offense, which – as explained in this story by Aaron Jaliman and Dan Hayes – “She became aggressive and started mashing into meatballs.

With the Cleveland Guardians going 20-6 last night, Minnesota has had five hitters with an OPS of over . 900 since Aug. 10. Two of them – Max Kepler and Michael A. Taylor – more than 1,000 during that time. Royce Lewis has seven home runs in that window (including Grand Slam last night) and hits .317 (.908 OPS) for the season.

Last night seemed like a huge win. After losing two of three to the Guardians at the end of August — and after the Cleveland Plato won the waiver wire — Minnesota scored so early and so often against Lucas Giolito and others that Cleveland player David Frey had to throw it. four Player rest roles.

Baseball card of the week

it’s not the Excuse me, Wagner card, but it was a nice surprise when my friend Cameron showed up at a game last year and said he brought me something at the baseball card show. This is part of the “All-Time All-Stars” subset of Topps’ 1976 line-up.

I’m not a serious enough collector to send in my cards for a rating, but it’s fun to have a few in slates for display purposes. And even if it’s printed 60 years after his last season, it’s still great to get a Honus Wagner card. Thanks, Cameron.

One note: It’s a little strange that Topps uses a list where Players died. I can’t say why it’s weird, but it sure is, right?

Handshake and high fives

You should definitely read Tim Britton’s story about Tom Seaver’s generosity, which is still there, despite the fire that occurred less than a month after the Hall of Famer’s death.

If that doesn’t excite you, try C. Trent Rosecrans’ article about Tejay Anton’s return from his second Tommy John surgery. Trent came out to the Players’ Family section and told the story of Tejay’s return from his wife Kelsey’s point of view.

Still Need more inspiration? Rosecrans has a double downfall: Michael Marriott was less than 24 hours away from retiring from the sport when the Reds gave him another chance. Last night, he set foot on a major league mound for the first time since 2016.

The Rangers’ downfall continues, standing ominously on the shoulders of their game bull. After staying in first place for most of the season, they are back in third place in the division and just half a game ahead of Toronto for the last wild card spot.

Treston Casas may not win Rookie of the Year, but it looks like he’s locked down the role of Boston’s cleanup hitter for the foreseeable future. It seems this isn’t Boston’s year, but Casas was a very encouraging development for their future.

Speaking of securing a role, Justin Steele looks like the star of the Cubs as they battle for a playoff berth. If you want to read that story from the giants’ point of view (why?) here it is.

We talked ad nauseam about how the Angels did everything at the trade deadline, then quickly reversed course with injury. But (on a longer timeline) do we think it’s time for the Padres to do something similar with Juan Soto?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19 IL) is still around. Hunter Greene and three other Reds pitchers were made the roster over the weekend.

(Top photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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