Shining Prosperity Awaits in Lunar Awakening — Diablo IV — Blizzard News

Shining Prosperity Awaits in Lunar Awakening — Diablo IV — Blizzard News

from February 6, 10 a.m. – February 20, 10 a.m. PT Players in both Seasonal and Eternal Realms can enjoy the brilliance and joy of the limited-time Lunar Awakening event. A mysterious phenomenon appears throughout the Sanctuary’s shrines, enchanting them with a powerful and flourishing power. Celebrants believe this is their ancestors, and bless them from beyond the grave to celebrate this happy occasion!

Identifying and activating lunar shrines in all areas and activities within the sanctuary. While active, you’ll earn an extra 50% (doubled) XP, get a 30% increase in movement speed, and a slew of boosts, all while gaining Ancestral Reputation.

The lunar awakening has dawned

To fully enjoy the awakening of the moon, travel to Kidd Bardo and head to the northern section of the city. Once you get there, you’ll meet Ying-Yue, the leader of the Lunar Night Market. This market is your central hub for Moon Awakening, where you will restore the reputation of your ancestors for exorbitant rewards themed on Moon Renewal.

Lunar shrines are spread throughout the sanctuary. Fight your way through dungeons and the overworld, activating Lunar Shrines and slaying monsters to earn a huge amount of Ancestors Favor.

Lunar shrines can be recognized by their appearance decorated with a dragon in celebration of the lunar awakening. Lunar Shrines also have a unique map icon, making them easy to recognize from a distance.

During Lunar Awakening, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils have a chance to obtain The virtue of ancestors Dungeon addon that ensures only Lunar Shrines appear for that dungeon. In addition to the additional shrines, you will also receive an additional 10% Glyph XP once you complete the dungeon! All Nightmare Dungeon Sigils equipped with the Ancestor’s Favor Affix will be retained once the event ends, so feel free to stockpile them for days long after the moon sets in Lunar Awakening.

Lunar shrines and the virtue of ancestors

The Lunar Shrines flowed with mysterious and formidable power. Lunar awakening celebrants believe this force is the returning spirits of our ancestors, which are decorated to mark this special occasion. During the Lunar Awakening, some shrines were replaced by Lunar shrinesWith an updated look to match the celebrations! Lunar shrines They function similarly to typical shrines; But it’s been spiced up with an extra punch to mark this festive event.

Lunar Shrines provide an interesting bonus effect on top of the normal shrine power, and the effects of the Lunar Shrine are listed below.

Enhanced Lunar Shrine Effects:

  • Artillery Shrine – Casters have a chance to summon a Holy Bomb.
  • Blast Wave Shrine – Each explosion summons a cluster bombardment.
  • Guidance Shrine – Increased attack speed and chance of resetting cooldowns.
  • Channel Shrine – Summons frequent, powerful, and shocking strikes.
  • Shrine of Greed – Chance to summon Goblin Treasure. While the shrine is active, 25 kills summon a Treasure Goblin, and 50 kills summon a second time.
  • Killer Shrine – Chance to instantly execute a struck monster, causing fear to the surrounding monsters. Note: This includes elites, but excludes bosses and other players.
  • Shrine of Protection – You reverse all damage received. The damage reflects state and global scale.

On top of these powerfully amplified effects, Scrooge’s Spirits appear immediately when you activate the Lunar Shrine, allowing you to immediately take advantage of the Shrines’ gameplay boost.

Additionally, Lunar Awakening-themed Whisper rewards are available throughout the event making it an excellent place to earn Ancestors Favor reputation while appeasing the Tree of Whispers!

Don Lunar for clothing and glamour

There are a total of 10 Ancestor’s Favor levels to earn, and 6 different lunar-themed cosmetic rewards to unlock. Lunar Awakening-themed apparel will also be available at Tejal, which will adorn your wanderer with threads befitting the joyous occasion.

Celebrate with Ying-Yue and enjoy the glow of the lunar awakening when it arrives on February 6!
-Diablo IV team

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